Katie Heath, KALANCHOE wearing spring trends ruffles, culottes and embroidered mules

I’m Katie Heath, welcome to KALANCHOE.

Originally from Devon (bred, not born) I moved to London two weeks after my last A level exam and I haven’t left yet. Except if you count that time I went to Asia for a while… then moved to France and managed to convince a Gentleman to follow me out there (3 weeks after we met. Weirdo, I know.)

Kalanchoe is the Scientific name for the family of flowers that a Flaming Katy comes under. When I was younger, every birthday my sister had, she received a bunch of Lilies – her namesake flower.

I always thought it was really unfair that I never received flowers, so my mum one day discovered the Flaming Katy and I finally received my birthday flowers!

KALANCHOE was born out of my love for photography and writing, but stayed around for so many other reasons.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! I’ll do my best to reply.

If it’s a quick one, Twitter may be most effective!

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