The last of the autumn apples

The very last of the autumn apples wearily cling onto the trees and I’m feeling reflective on how quickly time seems to be passing. I vividly remember saying when I was a little girl ‘Wow, a year is such a long time.’ Yet, the more years pass me by, the faster the years seem to pass too.

Especially this year, with so many emotional rollercoasters that we’ve all boarded. I feel it’s gone in the blink of an eye. It seems just yesterday, we were sitting with dear friends having wine in Soho, with London bustling around us. But so much has been on pause. Weddings indefinitely postponed, trips abroad cancelled and family gatherings banned. I’m feeling really hopeful to be able to spend Christmas with my whole family, and looking forward to the day when we can plan things again and the uncertainty disappears.

I think I was in the minority of people that was lucky enough to really enjoy the first lockdown. I had time to stop and reflect and made time to enjoy doing some of my favourite things; cooking, painting, baking and photography. I wrote in my blog post about Lockdown 1.0 that I was looking forward to the prospect of better weather and ‘dusting off the cobwebs’. Lockdown 2.0, in an entirely different season, is most definitely a little harder. I always make a point of embracing each and every season and just a few days into November this year, the Christmas Tree was up! We’re trying to hold off on putting up the rest of the decorations though, to try and spread the joy a little!

I feel as though I’m busier in this Lockdown. With the days being shorter, it feels as though everything goes twice as fast. There are a number of ways I’m attempting to combat the time though. To do lists have made a return for me, after a summer hiatus. It’s good to tick things off each day so that I know I have, in fact, been productive. Getting dressed and putting my face on also helps my self-esteem hugely. I’ve also given myself a number of projects to complete during November. I have a few DIY projects to get done. I’m forcing myself to get outside for at least one long walk a day (does wonders to clear the head). My artwork is making a comeback and I have quite a few pieces to finish. Plus, my family have set up a new business, which is keeping us all busy!

Everyone will have different experiences of these Lockdowns. So I thought, while I was feeling reflective, looking at these photos apple picking at my parents house. I would journal my thoughts.

Whenever I would be hungry, at home, after school. My dad would tell me to go and have apples from the orchard, so that I didn’t fill myself up too much before supper. I would dread my parents asking for help collecting all the apples from the orchard at the end of the season. Putting apple after apple into crates, to leave under shelter, to get us through winter.

Fast forward a few decades and apple picking is now something I look forward to each year. As a sign of the seasons changing. I guess, it’s a reminder to myself to try to embrace the positives that each season promises. To look forward to the little moments that signify each season. Whether or not they include the usual things we look forward to at this time of year! With a little hope, Coronavirus will just be another of those little apples. Keeping my fingers crossed that it drops off the tree soon and is left to rot!