Celebrating our birthdays in Lockdown

Pepi, Ben and Katie Heath, Katie KALANCHOE

Ben and I have both celebrated our birthdays in Lockdown. No doubt you’ll be celebrating at least one special event in Lockdown too. Whether it’s birthdays, a hen do, a wedding, birth or anniversary. During this pandemic, life has to carry on. Yes, life looks a little different right now, but I personally think it teaches us to put more emphasis on those special days and moments of celebration.

Ben and I are both Taurus. He was born at the end of April (albeit a few years before me) and I was born at the beginning of May. It gave us a real excuse to try to make the other person feel special. Typically, we would have gone out for dinner or had a party with friends and family but that wasn’t a possibility this year.

Instead, I got up earlier than him on his birthday (a feat in itself). Set the breakfast table, complete with heart shaped napkins, and whipped up a Vegan fry-up. I had prepared a balloon garland the night before and hung it on the fireplace, as well as baking his favourite – carrot cake.

We both dressed up, and I cooked his favourite foods for lunch (potato salad on green salad) and supper (Wagamama’s Katsu Curry). We had cocktails and caught up with friends and family via Facetime, Zoom calls and Houseparty. It was a lovely day.

Pepi, Ben and Katie Heath, Katie KALANCHOE Ben Heath and Pepi the Pom, Katie KALANCHOE Carrot Cake Birthday Katie, Katie KALANCHOE Ben heath, Katie KALANCHOE Pepi the Pom, Katie KALANCHOE Carrot Cake Birthday Katie, Katie KALANCHOE Pepi the Pom, Katie KALANCHOE Pepi the Pom, Katie KALANCHOE Katie Heath, KALANCHOE

He provided me with an equally gorgeous day. Breakfast and bubbles in the kitchen, followed by card and present opening (I was spoilt). He even made me smoked salmon on bread with vegan cream cheese. An exceptional treat, considering he’s allergic to fish and we don’t usually have it in the house.

Later in the day, I was treated to an entire afternoon tea. A selection of vegan finger sandwiches and freshly baked scones with local clotted cream and strawberry jam, served in the garden. It was one of my favourite birthdays I’ve ever had for the sheer effort involved in it.

Our four year wedding anniversary is coming up shortly and I’ll be making it as special as I possibly can. So much can be said for a tablescape. It’s pretty obvious I’m obsessed. But even when we’re having a casual dinner in the kitchen in the evening, or lunch in the garden a little effort goes a long way.

For one, the table always has a bunch of flowers. It can be a posie, a potted plant, or just a bit of foliage in a vase but it really elevates the table. For special occasions, a table cloth, fabric napkins and one or two candles make a huge difference.

What topped the day off, was the call with family and messages from friends. Wildflower bunches and cupcakes dropped on our doorstep by friends as well as deliveries and handwritten notes in the post.

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE Afternoon tea, Katie Kalanchoe Home made scones, Katie KALANCHOE Katie Heath, KALANCHOE Afternoon tea, Katie Kalanchoe Katie Heath, KALANCHOE

There is one thing that I find completely changes my mood towards a situation and that’s how I’m dressed. Ever heard that saying, “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” It’s so true. If I dress up in an outfit and shoes that make me feel good, I have a great day.

On Ben’s birthday, I decided to wear a gorgeous blue crochet halterneck dress by Chi Chi London paired with a pair of wedge espadrilles. It’s such a beautiful quality piece that can be worn for so many occasions, dressed up or down. I know I’m going to get so much use out of it all summer long. I still have a few weddings that haven’t yet been cancelled, so it could make for a perfect wedding guest outfit too. If they do get cancelled, I’ll just be wearing it in the garden for the foreseeable future!

Have you been celebrating any special occasions or birthdays in Lockdown?

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE