The Clean Beauty Movement and the Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Primer

REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe

The Clean Beauty movement is currently sweeping the Industry. Clean Beauty essentially means that a brand uses no toxins, harsh or controversial chemicals in their production. Which, in turn, means none of these harmful ingredients on your skin. 

With your skin being the bodies biggest organ and natural protector, it’s little wonder that what you put on that barrier will be absorbed into the body. If you’re conscious of what you eat and drink and you exercise regularly, it goes without saying that you should also be conscious of what you put on your skin. 

Ren skincare is a brand I’ve heard of over the years, but not tried. Recently they sent me their Perfect Canvas Clean Primer to try, as an introduction to their products. It gave me an opportunity to learn more about their brand and their movement. To, not only do more for you, but for the planet too. By 2021, the brand has pledged to be zero waste. A movement all brands should be aiming for, in my opinion.

The bottles and tubes used for packaging are made from ocean plastic and post-consumer-recycled plastic respectively, so they really are practicing what they preach. 

The products themselves are packaged simply with no frills. The Perfect Canvas Clean Primer, is beautiful though. A simple cardboard coral box contains a gorgeous coral glass bottle, with a pipette to apply the clear liquid. 

REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe

I don’t typically use a Primer in my morning routine, but I have been giving this product a try. I apply the product as the last step in my skincare routine and it has a mattifiing effect, so that makeup glides on. What I will say, is that it really helps to keep the shine away from my T-zone as the day progresses. Makeup stays put all day and the Primer feels completely weightless on my skin.

REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe REN Perfect Canvas, Clean Primer, Katie Heath, Kalanchoe

When testing, Ren sent the product to dermatologists who tested the Primer on a group of women. 77% of them showed visibly smoother skin after only 15 minutes and 100% of the women showed smoother skin after 28 days of application. The dermatologists also clinically proved that 67% of people showed a reduction in wrinkles after just 28 days. I mean, who am I to deny science?

Contrary to typical silicone Primers, the Ren Clean Primer contains Agave Extract to help plump skin and keep your makeup put. The lack of silicone means that skin can breathe without congestion. And with Probiotic Extracts helping to aid surface cell renewal and Alpha-Glucans helping support the skin’s microbiome, this product goes way further than just ‘making your makeup look good’!

The Perfect Canvas Clean Primer is available from the Ren website. A 30ml bottle is £40.