My Latest Travel Beauty Routine for flawless skin

I’d be lying if I said my beauty routine didn’t change every few weeks. Because I’m constantly trying out products, it’s very hard to stick to just one set of products or creams. I also truly believe it’s not good for your skin to stick to one cream all the time. Your skin has different needs in every season and between them too. Therefore, trying to decide which lotions and potions to take away on each trip with me becomes a true trial and error.

L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE

When Ben and I popped to France on our roadtrip earlier this year, I think I managed to find the perfect routine for my skin. These products combined worked perfectly for my skin. I didn’t have any breakouts, dryness and my skin felt and looked amazing throughout the trip. I’ve always been a firm believer in your skin being the basis for your makeup and without a good base, your makeup just won’t look as good as it could. I used to spend over £100 every few months on expensive foundations thinking they would make my skin look flawless, before a blogging friend told me about this Rimmel Foundation for less than £5. It was only then that I realised I needed to put my money into my skincare rather than the makeup I was applying.

When I travel, I usually take a couple of different day creams and night creams to apply depending on how my skin is feeling that day.

L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE

In the morning I start with the Gel Cleanser from L’Occitane’s Aqua Reotier Range lathering it onto my skin and removing it using a warm damp flannel. I find using flannels a great way to polish up your skin and gently buff away any dead skin cells daily. It’s a great daily light exfoliant without being too rough on your skin.

L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE

Next, I always use the thinnest, lightest serum I have. The Prevage range by Elizabeth Arden is currently one of my absolute favourites. The Intense Serum not only improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but has an immediate effect on skin and at the same time counteracts environmental damage. It feels beautiful and leaves a slight sheen on the skin giving it a beautiful glow.

Next up, a little bit of eye cream, also from the Prevage range. The Anti-Aging Eye Serum just reduces those pesky dark circles and brightens the under eye area using Idebenone technology.

Serums done, it’s time for a cream to really moisturise deep into pores. The Anti-Aging Moisture Cream also uses idebenone technology, but also contains an SPF 50 which is so important to keep skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Finally, before the makeup goes on, I like to finish up with Prevage City Smart just to create an extra protective barrier for my skin against any harmful pollution. It also acts as a lovely primer for the makeup to sit on, giving your skin an extra flawless sheen.

L'occitane, Elizabeth Arden Prevage, Kiehls, Katie KALANCHOE

In the evening, I usually start with the L’Occitane Water Gel Cleanser again to remove my makeup, using a flannel again to get rid of the last pesky little bits that cling on.

If my skin is in need of just a light moisturise, I use the L’Occitane Moisture Prep Essence followed by the L’Occitane Créme Nuit Précieuse.

If it needs a little deeper hydration I’ll start with the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate followed by rubbing just a small bit of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Nighttime Miracle Moisturiser.