A Girly Morning Breakfast at Elan Cafe

I’ve made it a bit of a mission now to visit every instagrammable floral café in London, with Elan Café having been on the list for a little while now. Due to it not being dog friendly, I haven’t managed to get down until my lovely friend Caila came to visit last week.

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE

Caila and I met through blogging, last year on a trip to Amsterdam with Rituals and stayed in touch via Instagram. If blogging has given me anything over the years, it’s the lovely friends I have made in all corners of the world. There is a huge network of incredible guys and gals that all love writing and photography combining the two into a passion project for the world to see.

I had messaged Caila seeing that she was in town and we planned to meet up at an ungodly hour to get a shoot in before heading to the gorgeous Elan Café for breakfast.

We met in one of London’s most Instagrammable streets; Elizabeth Street in Belgravia to photograph outside the beautiful Les Senteurs before walking over. To complete our photo shoot, an obliging lorry driver even pulled his truck right the way forward onto the pavement so we could get our photos!

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Les Senteurs, Floral PhotoshootKatie Heath, KALANCHOE, Les Senteurs, Floral PhotoshootKatie Heath, KALANCHOE, Les Senteurs, Floral PhotoshootKatie Heath, KALANCHOE, Les Senteurs, Floral Photoshoot

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Les Senteurs, Floral Photoshoot

Elan Café is every bit as gorgeous as it looks in the photos. I hadn’t actually realized quite how big it is, but every seat in the café has been looked at with an artistic eye so that there is a photo opp at every table.

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE

Cakes stare out at the street tempting passers by, while the prettiest blue bike, with a basket filled with flowers strapped to the handle bars, is a hint of the beautiful décor within. A pink and white tiled floor surrounds a huge bar dishing up fresh coffees and smoothies, while the most perfect pink Cherry Blossom Tree stretches its branches out to reach a fresh batch of matcha croissants on the counter top.

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOEElan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOEElan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOEElan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE

We take a seat right at the back of the café, slightly rearranging the furniture so that we can sit against the beautiful flower wall. A very kind member of staff snaps away for us while we catch up on the last year’s worth of life, including our accidental matching tops that were totally coincidental. Chatting away about love, life, success and plans for the future it really reminded me how much I value the company of other women. Nothing gives me more motivation than having inspirational chats with friends and women that I’m close to, and it’s just pushed me to get in touch with so many friends that I’ve not spoken to in a long time. I’ve even got a girls trip booked in this year – the first in about five years!

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOEElan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE

Caila ordered a fresh mint tea I had an English Breakfast Tea, along with a berry cheesecake, croissant and lemon meringue pie to share (One thing I love about being an adult is being able to order cake for breakfast and no one being able to say anything about it!) The berry cheesecake was to-die-for and we actually both ended up sharing that and taking the others to go after we chatted for so long that we forgot to eat them.

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOEElan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE

Caila and her lovely boyfriend Nick are now on a bit of a Euro-trip, which I’m eagerly following on her Instagram. Ben and I are even contemplating potentially popping over to Paris while they’re there too, but we shall see!

I ended up getting home just after 9am with a whole day to fill, feeling extremely productive. Maybe I’ll suggest all my breakfasts with friends to be at the crack of dawn from now on…

Elan Cafe, Katie KALANCHOE