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Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Summer essential Beauty Products

Is there anything more glorious than the first swim in the sea in summer? The Beauty of stretching out into the cool waters and letting the Ocean envelop you in its salty grip. A refreshing break from the intense heat of the days sun.

What isn’t so glorious is the brittle hair and peeling skin you’re left with at the end of the holiday if you happen to slip out of your skincare habits. Inevitably, when it comes to beauty, I don’t like to be too high maintenance when I’m away, to ensure there’s maximum exploring and sun time, so thought I would share the fabulous products that I actually used in St Lucia.

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Beauty and skincare summer essentials,

In the morning, after I’ve washed my face I’ll always put on sun cream. I do this before breakfast and smother my whole body to ensure my skin is protected. I love Tropic and what it stands for. Shockingly between 4,000 and 6,000 metric tonnes of sunscreen washes off tourists each year, with most sun creams containing oxybenzone that’s toxic for seven coral species and stunts the growth of baby corals. Tropic is vegan and cruelty free which is inevitably much better news for Marine life!

The Face protection even contains a little tint for those days that you don’t want to be completely makeup free!

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Summer essential Beauty Products, Tropic Mineral Sunscreen

Keeping cool on the beach is important to stop heat stroke. Not only do I make sure to drink more water than usual, but I carry a little face spritz to re-hydrate and cool off. Caudalie Grape Water has been a firm fave for a long time! Another favourite is the Evian Face Mist. My mum used to use it on us when we were little and it just reminds me of long hot summer days.

After the beach, I’m quite careful to get all the salt and sand off my skin. I’ll soak myself under the water, before slathering the Aveda Suncare Hair and Body Cleanser all over before washing it off again. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and smells amazing.

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Beauty and skincare summer essentials, Aveda Hair and Body Cleanser, Caudalie Grape Water

Michael Van Clarke very kindly invited me to an evening of pampering and hair styling at his gorgeous Marylebone salon a few weeks ago and I was lucky to leave with quite a few products from his 3’’’ more inches line. Michael firmly believes that if there’s a product on the market that’s better than his, he won’t launch his formula. Needless to say that his products are pretty special.

I was shocked when Michael explained that most of our favourite high street hair care brands put silicone in their products. Silicone leaves the hair looking glossy and healthy but actually just coats the hair follicle rather than being any real benefit. The 3’’’ more inches range contain Cashmere Proteins that actually bond with the hair and nourish it right to the root, meaning that hair doesn’t just look good, but it’s so healthy customers were coming back to him with an extra three inches of length on their hair (hence the name). I promise it’s not too good to be true. I love the shampoo and conditioner and this is definitely now my go-to range!

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Summer essential Beauty Products, Michael Van Clarke, 3''' More Inches

Out of the shower and I need to put all that moisture back in. Voya is another skincare brand that I’ve only recently discovered. Voya started out as a family-run seaweed bathhouse on the Coast of Ireland, before the baths grew ever more popular and customers wanted the replicate the effects of the baths at home. Brothers Neil and Mark Walton tried to source the products, but when finding they didn’t exist, decided to make them themselves.

I cover my body in the Nourishing Body Oil, before getting to work on my face. The Castaway Cleansing Wash removes any residue left over after my shower.

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Summer essential Beauty Products, Voya Seaweed Products

Whenever I put products on, I always ensure I put the thinner consistency products on first so that they have a chance to sink into the skin. Philosophy’s time in a bottle contains a patented antioxidant formula that neutralises damaging free radicals and helps renew skin’s protection.

Due to the ingredients; Himalayan Red Rice, red Grape Ferment and Plantain, it also helps the skins age-resisting mechanisms. Philosophy even did an independent study on 117 women over 8 weeks and discovered that all the women had improved firmness in their skin from using the product and the majority showed improvements with fine lines and wrinkles too. Since reading those stats, I’ve been applying this day and night!

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Beauty and skincare summer essentials, Philosophy Time in a Bottle

Because the drying effects of the sun are even more intense on holiday, using only a serum is not enough for my skin and at night I like to use a thicker moisturiser. I found myself reaching for the Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream time and time again during the holiday and still am. This is such a lovely formula and a perfect night cream that really sinks in leaving my skin feeling nourished and so much healthier come morning.

Katie Heath, KALANCHOE, Beauty and skincare summer essentials, Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin renewing CreamKatie Heath, KALANCHOE, Beauty and skincare summer essentials,

Do you use any of these products already or do you have any favourites particularly for summer that you’d recommend?