Weekends in Marylebone

The best weekends are the quiet weekends that turn into the busiest. Weekends based on last minute plans, who’s around and what the weather is like. As Marylebone is just a 10 minute bus ride from where Ben and I live, it seems crazy that we’ve only recently started exploring what it has to offer. It plays host to some of the cutest bars and cafes AND some of the best shops in London in one little area.

Chiltern Firehouse, is probably one of those restaurants that has helped the popularity of Marylebone. Everyone flocked there when it first opened in 2013 and I just didn’t get a chance to visit. That, and it was near impossible to get a booking! Now you can very easily get a table on a walk-in booking, so Ben and I did just that.

We took a table outside near the huge fire. A little Robin flitted around stealing crumbs where he could as the staff glided around the tables with ease chatting to him as they did. The first thing I noticed were the uniforms. One host proudly whispered to me that they all wore Emilia Wickstead clothing as their uniform. I had to pick my bottom jaw up off the floor after she sauntered past in the most stunning backless, high waisted, perfectly tailored, jumpsuit I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine wearing Emilia Wickstead every day to work!

We settled on the brunch menu as well as a cocktail each – because, why not.

I ordered a beautiful Mackerel dish that was absolutely delicious. Ben ordered Eggs Benedict which came on the most beautiful blue and white plate that I now want to fill my kitchen cupboards with.

Feeling as though we could manage one more treat, we split the pancakes and were so glad we did. They are unbelievable. Such a perfect stack; fluffy, light and delicious. Honestly, I could eat them again right now.

Full and content, we slouched down into our chairs absorbing the fire’s warmth while we let our food digest with tea and coffee.

When it had, nothing was going to keep me from those shops!

Where are your favourite spots in Marylebone?