The beauty products I currently swear by

Beauty products Katie Heath, KALANCHOE swears by

I never thought I was that much of  a beauty junkie, until recently Ben and I found ourselves in IKEA staring at a chest of draws and I was measuring whether or not my products would stand upright as well as how many perfumes would fit in…the struggle is real.

Amongst the masses of beauty products I have, there are a number that sit firmly at the front of the draw so I can grab them on a daily basis…

Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

I usually use wipes to remove the majority of my makeup then follow up with this, it’s an amazing product and a little goes a long way. Simply pop a couple of drops on a cotton pad and trace it all over the face; it pulls out all the makeup left over and draws out any dirt still in the pores. The cotton pad is always brown after using so I know it’s a deep cleanse.

Caudalie Makeup removing Cleansing Oil, Katie, KALANCHOE

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

This is a beautiful clay mask that has a drying effect on skin, any areas with more impurities dry last, so you can really see the product working and drawing everything out. I wash my face, then apply this while it’s still damp. When it’s fully dry, I wash it off using a hot flannel and my face is gorgeously smooth.

Caudalie Instant Mask Detox, Katie KALANCHOE

Lola’s Apothecary Delicate Romance Balancing Bath Oil

When my face has had a pamper, it’s the body’s turn. I drop a teaspoon of this beautiful oil in my bathwater to really leave skin feeling silky smooth. It smells divine and the rose petals are a beautiful touch. It’s also such a relaxing product that gets me ready for a good nights sleep.

Lola's Apothecary Delicate Romance Bath Oil, Katie KALANCHOE

Sheet Masks

While I’m in the bath, after I’ve used a clay mask to draw out impurities, my skin is calling out for the moisture to be put back in. A sheet mask is perfect for this and I try to keep it on until my skin has soaked up every last drop! I recently tried the Snow Algae face mask and my skin drank every bit of the goodness. Snow Algae is something I had never even heard of before trying it. It’s found in the Glacier’s in Switzerland and its endurance properties mean it actively helps protect youthful looking skin, it also helps plump out fine lines and wrinkles – what an incredible ingredient! These are also amazing!

Clarins Eau des Jardins Shower Gel

This smells unbelievable. While I’m soaking, I lather this all over my body and it leaves me feeling so fresh and is just yummy. You can see I’m running out, but this will definitely be a re-purchase!

Clarins Eau de Jardins Uplifting Shower Gel, Katie KALANCHOE

Rituals – Ritual of Sakura Body Cream

A good moisturiser is key. This tub is big enough to last a while and has a gorgeous scent and texture. It sinks into my skin leaving it silky smooth, without being sticky which I find with a lot of body moisturisers!

Rituals Ritual of Sakura Body Cream Moisturiser, Katie KALANCHOE

Caudalie Polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil

When I put this on, my skin knows it’s time to wind down. I put a drop on each cheek, on my chin, forehead, neck and decolletage then rub in using the palms of my hands and let it sink in overnight. My skin is always beautifully hydrated in the morning.

Caudalie Polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil, Katie KALANCHOE

Rituals – Ritual of Sakura Bed and Body Mist

My final hero product is Rituals Bed and Body mist. I really struggle getting to sleep. I constantly have ideas whirring around in my head in the evenings and it makes it very difficult for me to doze off. I’ve been trying regularly spraying this onto my pillow just before bed and it seems the familiarity of the scent and my brain associating it with sleep helps me doze off in the evenings.

What are your hero beauty products? Have I mentioned any above?