6 Nail shades to cure the winter blues

Essie, Leighton Denny, NAILSINC, NAILBERRY, KALANCHOE Beauty

I don’t know about you, but during the first few months of the year, the combination of dire weather and the end of the holiday festivities leaves me with a touch of S.A.D.

I have a number of things that I do that help me through until the weather starts improving but possibly one of my favourites is the simplest of all. 

You use your hands on a daily basis and in most jobs. A manicure is the one beauty treatment that not only other people notice, but you notice too. Painting my nails in a bright colour is the simplest mood enhancer for me, it may even work for you. 

These are the colours I’ll be swapping in and out for the next few months…

Essie in Peach Side Babe (similar) – Literally the perfect shade for every day wear and works on my skin even if I don’t have a summer tan. I’m wearing this one as I type!

Essie Peach Side Babe, KALANCHOE Beauty

Essie in Sunset Sneaks (similar) – Doesn’t the name just make you excited for all the warm adventures to come this year?

Essie Sunset Streaks, KALANCHOE Beauty

Leighton Denny in Bon Voyage! – This has been a firm favourite of mine for a number of years. It has the most gorgeous glossy texture and glides on unbelievably easily. 

Leighton Denny Bon Voyage, KALANCHOE Beauty

NAILSINC Gel Effect in Chelsea Grove – A perfect dark pink that literally suits any shade of skin and sets beautifully into a gel texture that lasts for days with no chips. 

NAILSINC Gel Effect Chelsea Grove, KALANCHOE Beauty

NAILBERRY in Cherry Cherie – A sumptuous coral in a sleek bottle and a really easy to paint texture, plus the paint is cruelty free and 5 free (meaning it’s non-toxic and free from 5 of the most common chemicals found in polishes!) 


NAILBERRY in Pink Berry – A darker pink and a great shade if you’re not quite ready to go super bright. It’s the perfect transitional colour!


What do you do to help boost your mood in these darker months?