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Ellovi Lip Balms Flatlay

Over the next few weeks/months, you may notice that I gradually start to include more beauty products and talking about makeup/hair etc. I’ve always had an interest in beauty, I just don’t seem to share much of it with you but I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy telling you about it!

To introduce this new section, I thought I would tell you about a little beauty and lifestyle online store called AudreyStyle that I recently came across. It’s a site that’s ideal for the girl that loves beauty and travel so all the products are incredibly versatile and obviously ideal for me. They sent me a few of the items that they stock to try out and I’m really excited to share them with you. 

I was sent a box full of goodies perfect for any destination including sunglasses, face masks, nail polish, lipstick and even a beautiful flower garland. I actually hadn’t heard of any of the brands that were sent (bar ellovi!), so it was great to discover some new favourites and try them all out. 

I’ll start with my favourite which has actually saved my skin this week;

Skin Factory Sheet Face Masks from AudreyStyle

Skin Factory have a range of sheet masks with extra serum in the packet. You squeeze the serum out and put it all over your face before placing the sheet mask on. Within the allocated 30 minutes the sheet was almost dry and my face had soaked up all of those incredible nutrients. Each mask contains ingredients that work in different ways such as boosting skins elasticity and deep moisturising. My skin was honestly beautiful for a whole week after using the Aqua Skin-in mask. 

The black aviator sunglasses from Dicks Cottons (similar) are the perfect accessory for any sunny holiday and I can actually imagine I’ll get a lot of wear out of them this winter too – does anyone else wear sunglasses more in winter than summer due to the low sun?

Black Aviator Sunglasses from Dicks Cottons at AudreyStyle

Black Aviator Sunglasses from Dicks Cottons at AudreyStyle

Now this Cult Gala Mulberry flower garland actually retails for £32 which I do think is a bit pricey when you can get them for a lot cheaper, but it is handmade and adjustable.

Cult Gaia Mulberry Blue Flower Garland from AudreyStyle

Cult Gaia Mulberry Blue Flower Garland from AudreyStyle

There were also two candles in the box which I was immensely pleased about. I love the fact that the Kerzon Amande & Miel candle glows over different countries when it’s lit and the gorgeous little scented pack that it comes in the box. I’ve put it in my suitcase to scent my clothes! The packaging on the Lab Room Wild Figuier green candle is beautiful – although I’m still not sure on the colour. I’m quite a traditional candle colour person though always preferring white or a gold/metallic for special occasions. 

Kerzon Amanda & Miel Candle from AudreyStyle

Kerzon Amanda & Miel Candle from AudreyStyle

The Lab Room Wild Figuier Candle from AudreyStyle

The two Nudus lipsticks included have become an everyday part of my makeup kit and I always keep them in the side pocket of my handbag. Delightfully creamy and easy to apply it’s surprisingly long-lasting and keeps my lips nicely moisturised. The colours are so pretty too. I have Halo  (pictured below) and Precious. I actually wore a Nudus lipstick in Precious on my wedding day, but sadly can’t find it to link to on the website!

Nudus Lipstick in Halo from AudreyStyle

In terms of the nail polishes – can you get a better brand name than Trust Fund? The names of the polishes are amazing too – Resting Bitch Face isn’t my favourite colour, but it’s incredibly mermaid-y, so if that’s your vibe, you’ll love it! Wine o’clock will be the perfect Autumnal shade too. They have some amazing corals and pinks to which are my standard go-to shades!

Trust Fund Nail Polish in Wine o' clock from AudreyStyle

Trust Fund Nail Polish in Resting Bitch Face from AudreyStyle

Finally, they also stock Ellovi lip balms which are the yummiest lip balms ever! They’re super nourishing and come in the most delicious flavours, you just have to try and stop yourself from eating them all! 

Ellovi Lip Balms Flatlay

Do you have a favourite beauty product that you think I would love to try? Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?