The Girl in the Grey Scarf

Blonde girl wearing sunglasses between pillars with grey scarf blowing in the wind

The Gentleman and I have been discussing moving to a bigger property recently. If you follow me on snapchat (XKatieMatthewsX) you’ll have seen the state our living room is in. Clothes rail down one side, dining table piled high with beauty products, bin bags in the opposite corner filled with old clothes. There’s stuff everywhere and we could do with an extra room to be a ‘blogging room’, pretty much as a dumping ground. 

Anyway, the issue we’re having is that we just don’t want to move from our beautiful area. But seriously, this stunning pergola is just a short walk from our house and overlooks Hampstead Heath. Can it get any more idyllic?

Blonde girl with sunglasses on her head leaving against a pillar in pink coat

Blonde girl wearing winter clothes standing between pillars wearing pink coat

Sunglasses – Zara | Scarf – Jules B | Coat – Zara (similar) | Jumper – Zara (similar) | Jeans – River Island | Boots – River Island | Bag – Charles Clinkard

pillars with the sun shining though on Hampstead Heath

If you’re after a blustery winter’s walk before the spring weather kicks in (let’s be honest, you still have a while) Hampstead is definitely the place for it. Daffodils are starting to litter the pathways and green shoots of grass are pushing their way through the mud.  

Blonde girl wearing sunglasses and pink coat sitting on grey steps

Blonde girl wearing pink coat with sunglasses on her head and grey scarf blowing in the wind

I can’t wait to see what these pillars will look like when the flowers start popping up on the vines and weaving their way over the beams, it’s honestly like another world or something out of a fairytale. I’ll definitely come back in spring and shoot some beautiful dresses here. 

This outfit is definitely more practical for the time of year though. I’m loving grey in different textures at the moment, but can’t leave colours out of my wardrobe – I’m not sure why but wearing colour really does make me feel happy. I especially love to wear a bright coat in winter. When I’m heading down the escalator to the tube in the mornings, seeing my beautiful coat against the ocean of blacks and greys makes me feel so positive and sets me up for a good day. 

Blonde girl wearing pink coat leaning against pillar

Vines wrapped around pillars on Hampstead Heath.

Blonde girl wearing striped sunglasses and grey scarf and jumper against vines and pillars

What’s your favourite season of the year?