The District, Boracay

Our last sleep at Mandala Spa Resort was as heavenly as the last two. We woke up to our last breakfast and were genuinely gutted to be leaving the wonderful resort staff.  We promised to visit again one day and I wasn’t lying. I don’t know how I’m ever going to relax in a massage again, knowing how amazing that treatment was. 

They organised us a ride with the spa driver, who took us the short distance to our next hotel. It gave us a chance to see a little of the local side to town, as we zoomed through market stalls and people heading off to work. 

The little moped pulled up on a side street and we dragged our suitcases down the alley and across the sand to the front of the hotel. Welcomed by the cool breeze of air conditioning, and this site… the District was beginning to look a lot more appealing to our worries from the previous night.

We were lead to another beautiful room. Ours for the last few days of our stay on Boracay island. 

It was beautiful. The bed was even comfier than the one in the Shangri-La or the Mandala Spa. The holiday was getting better by the minute. When we’d settled in the room and refreshed ourselves, the Marketing team had organised a tour so we could see the rest of the rooms, and what the hotel had to offer. We were staying in a Deluxe room, but we also saw a twin Duluxe room. 

A Deluxe Suite.

And a Premier room.

The hotel really was an Instagram dream. Stunning white walls with orange umbrellas and an unbelievable view of the beach. 

There’s even a gym…not that it looked like it had ever been used. Finally, we were shown the brand new spa, but unfortunately we were a month too early to try anything. 

They have some incredible offers on at the moment, so if you’ve never considered visiting Boracay, this is a great time to reconsider. 

I spent the rest of the day with this beautiful specimen, sipping cocktails and lounging in the sea. Not normally ones to just lie on a sun lounger on holiday, we were totally loving the luxury of having no commitments to have to do anything. 

There was one daily event that we didn’t want to miss however, so were back in the room, showered and dressed in time to see the spectrum of colours start to snake across the sky. 

Locals and tourists gathered on the beach to play sports and kids pulled at the pockets of those they thought might just agree to pay a small fee in exchange for a personalised sand castle lit up by twinkling candles. 

The sellers paddled their boards back to shore, as the birds feasted on the dusk insects. 

We were keen to sample everything that the hotel had to offer, so perched on the Star Lounge rooftop bar for some pre-dinner cocktails. 

We also had this ridiculously good pork adobo – a local delicacy and something that we couldn’t get enough of while we were away. 

After some delicious daily specials, we made our way down to our candlelit supper on the beach. The deck chairs had been cleared and made way for beautifully laid tables. An extension of the Caruso Ristorante Italiano – another hotel restaurant. It may seem that we hadn’t been terribly experimental with our food choices, but because of the heavy American influence on the Filipino culture, they have pretty much embraced every kind of food. 

We went for a simple supper of pizza, seafood pasta and carbonara – all topped off with more delicious cocktails. 

The night was laughed away, hand in hand kicking the surf, and talking about everything under the stars.