White Beach, Boracay

Hong Kong was a great introduction to the holiday. Getting on the plane to, what we had heard was paradise, we were so ready to finally relax. We travelled through the night arriving in the early hours of the morning; hot, sticky and exhausted. 

After a plane, coach, boat and van ride we pulled into Mandala Spa’s gates and drove up under beautiful golden lanterns to a palm leaf roofed, white hut. We were met by the friendliest of faces ‘Welcome Mr Ben and Ms Katie’ and ice cold glasses of water, before being lead down the pathway to our villa for the next few days. 

I melted into the bed and awoke the next morning to the bluest of skies and birds chirping away. 

We padded to our al fresco breakfast in the spa’s slippers (flip-flops) and chose our table under the white awnings. 

Ice cold mango juice was placed on the table with some menus and we took precisely thirty seconds to choose with the food appearing not long after. 

Just the most delicious food and drink and the perfect start to that day. In fact it was so good I started the next morning the exact same way. 

I then booked myself into for some pampering, as I wasn’t quite as holiday ready as I should have been. I’m telling you all this because I feel it really is necessary, if it’s TMI then skip past this bit. I booked myself in for a half leg and Hollywood wax and was lead away from the main buildings to a beautiful outbuilding spa. I was asked to change into a robe and then lead into a room filled with beautiful scents and the sound of running water and birds. It was at precisely that point that I fell asleep. Yes, I actually fell asleep during a HOLLYWOOD WAX. It wasn’t the last treatment we had either, it’s incredibly easy to see why the spa and resort are award winning! 

I was finally beach ready and with that, we went to explore! 

It was absolutely breathtaking. We spent the entire day soaking up the rays under our white umbrella, sipping cocktails. Right the way up until the sun went down, we read books and dunked ourselves into the sea as soon as we got too hot. 

We had booked ourselves in for a couples massage that evening, to completely unwind. The only negative is that I worry I will never have a massage that will compare. 

The same spa building I had my wax in, we were lead to together. walking through the door, two massage beds were placed in the centre of the room leading down to the bathroom where we were  told to get completely naked and put on a kikoy style towel. 

This was the only photo during the treatment that I took as I wanted to completely immerse myself in the experience. 

The therapists moved like twins seating us on the balcony in separate seats facing each other. Bowls came out and our feet were placed into warm water littered with rose petals. Our feet were scrubbed, massaged and moisturised to perfection, before we were walked into the massage room and laid down on the beds. I drifted in and out of sleep in the most blissful motion of tension releasing from my body. I could have stayed there forever and genuinely never wanted to leave. The treatment wasn’t over when the massage stopped, but my spirit had drifted out of my body and down the stairs into the bathroom. 

The room had been transformed and lit by nothing but candle light. The bath was filled to the top and a layer of red rose petals had been carefully placed across the surface too. We both climbed in at opposite ends and sipped on ice cold smoothies with petis fours chocolates (the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, no idea what exactly they were though). We giggled like kids in the oversized tub, before wrapping each other in giant fluffy dressing gowns ready to go.

After being thoroughly pampered, we walked about 10 ft above our bodies back to the room, ordering a takeaway with the concierge on the way. We were exhausted and in such a state of relaxation that to move from the room sounded like too hideous a prospect until the next morning.