A Journey to the Peacock Garden

Leaving early the next day, we boarded our fourth and favourite
plane of the holiday. Cebu airlines took us to the bustling city of Cebu, where
we then took a boat to the beautiful island of Bohol. 

We arrived just in time
for the most ridiculous sunset – even more spectacular than any we had already
seen on the trip. Pinks, reds, purples, blues, oranges and yellows leaked
across the sky as though a brush pot had been knocked over against a painting, the water, bleeding all the colours into one.

We were greeted, at our third hotel, by the grandest of entrances.
Bright yellow walls lead to huge iron gates where the security guard nodded us
through and we sped up the sweeping driveway, coming to a stop under an awning
over the entranceway.

Smiling faces and another welcome cocktail greeted us on the other
side of the door and we sunk into the reception chairs watching the colours
dance across the sky, listening to the sound of crickets in the jungle below
and the swish of water as the koi in the pond flicked their tales at passing

The Peacock Garden was everything we could have imagined and more.
An infinity pool stretched out to the jungle and the sea beyond, while the
beautiful rooms overlooked it all. A Roman-inspired pink spa had even been
placed on the edge of the grounds for all your relaxing needs.

Our room was a Premier Infinity and Sea View room – a huge
bed (honestly, it requires a bit of a run up to get up) sitting area, desk, en
suite marble bathroom and balcony. It’s the lovechild of a German owner, in the
Philippines, complete with years of history and the furniture to accompany.

We placed a call with the concierge, who organised a local driver to
take us on a trip the next day. We were coming to see the jungle, so we wanted
to ensure we saw everything the island had to offer in the short time we would
be there.

Changing for dinner, we had our first meal al fresco on the patio
terrace as the rain poured around us, shaking the gazebo walls that had been
erected for a wedding a few days before. The chandelier swung in the wind, but
we were quite happy to sip our cocktails and sit back in the warm tropical
storm eating our feast.

Tired, happy and feeling ridiculously lucky, we clambered into the
huge bed and dreamed of falling into paintings in the beautiful watercolour