The Mindful Chef

Sometimes thinking about the food shopping can just be too much at the weekend, when all you want to do is relax and take each day as it comes. 

Mindful Chef takes all the hassle out of clean eating. You no longer have to plan the weekly shop around your diet, it all comes to you! 

You can have your meal carefully sourced from top farms in Devon, ingredients prepared and measured into separate portions, then packed up in special state-of-the-art sheep wool packaging to ensure it arrives exactly as it was sent to you, and keeps at fridge temperature for up to 36 hours. 

Giles and Myles came up with Mindful Chef after realising there was a need for healthy, fresh and easy to make meals. The pre-packaged meals offer a simple solution for time-poor individuals and the entire concept means that there is never any food waste. The boxes pack the exact amount of food needed to prepare the meals and if any produce is ever left back at Mindful Chef HQ, it’s sent off to food banks. 

The mindful concept means that freshness, convenience, ingredients, farming, packaging and community are all taken into consideration. It feels good to know that every part of the convenience to you, also ensures the environment is being cared for too. 

Plus, the food is pretty damn good. I know, because Giles very kindly sent myself and the Gentleman a box to try! 

Our first tester was the Chipotle Chicken, Sweet Potato and Chunky Guacamole. I’d never tried cooking sweet potato the way the recipe taught us (boiled then baked in the oven) but it was the best sweet potato either of us have ever eaten. I was so encouraged by the little effort we had to put in to create an entirely different meal to normal. 

Next was fish. Unfortunately Ben has an allergy to fish, so I have to speak for both of us on this one. Presentation-wise, it didn’t look as colourful as the Chipotle Chicken, but it tasted beautifully fresh and full of flavour. 

Lastly, was the Lamb and Black Lentil stew, with Beets and Fresh Figs. Ben cooked this one, and I’m not entirely sure he followed the recipe completely accurately, as I think it could have done with at least another ten minutes stewing. 

Even so, the flavours all worked so well together. A total compliment to the chef’s that each meal we devoured was so carefully planned and thought out to not only taste great, but be healthy and filling, providing a balanced evening meal for your diet. 

The Mindful Chef boxes are a great way to plan your meals for the week, it’s definitely a system I could easily get used to. The best part is that the recipes change each week, so you’ll never be bored. Tempting eh?