Boohoo Black Friday

Black Friday. Many cower at the sound of the two words. Many jump in glee, excited for the prospect of hunting out a bargain before Christmas. For me, Black Friday is a relatively new concept and something that I’m still finding my feet with.

Never one to have been first in line for the latest designer handbag (who am I kidding, I really don’t have the funds nor can justify the purchase usually) and always the one with my nose deep in the sale rail, I have and always will be a bit of a bargain hunter. 

This year, Boohoo are diligently stepping up to the plate in response to my sale-loving demands and providing us all with a bit of a treat for Black Friday. 

In celebration of another American import that us Brit’s have lovingly embraced, Boohoo asked me to pick out a suitable Black Friday outfit to compliment the date. 

Of course, it was always going to be all black. A colour that can easily wash people out, I decided to make it the sole feature of the look. All black. This jumper dress is like that piece of cake on the buffet table. You never think you want it, but then it’s there and you can’t help yourself and you’re entirely overcome with want for this item that you never knew you wanted so badly. 

It’s just amazing. I did slightly regret as soon as I got it out of that familiar Boohoo packaging, it was huge, almost to the floor and thick wool. It was definitely going to swamp me. Then I put it on, the cosiest, most comfortable and easy to wear item I think I’ve ever had and the regret slipped away into nothing. 

Of course, an outfit like this had to have a stiletto to balance out all that fabric. These shoe-boots did the trick with their cut-out ankles giving away all the skin you need to show. The perfect winter outfit. 

A pair of RayBan aviator frames was the delicate addition the outfit needed to be complete. Loved by celebrities, they never fail to add some drama and mystery to an outfit or person. 

Jumper dress – Boohoo* | Shoe Boots – Boohoo* | Sunglasses – East Dane | Phone Case – Trendz* (similar)

I’ll be away in the Philippines still this Black Friday, but I’m hoping to be able to grab a few pieces online. What about you, do you ever have a strategy for Black Friday or do you just watch the day go by like any other?