Berries in Autumn

Sometimes, as you walk among the reds and oranges of November’s fallen leaves, it pays to dress quintessentially autumnal. Deep reds mixed with shades of black made up my outfit for a (rather dressed up) casual sunday walk! 

All autumn, all I’ve worn is roll neck tops and jumpers. I’ve literally become obsessed. I think people must think that I have something wrong with my neck now. These two colours I think basically define this time of year.

The clutch is one you’ve seen before. It was a present from my sister, for my birthday. A cute little compact that definitely makes a statement. 

But really, we want to talk about the skirt don’t we? Isn’t it beautiful? Relaxfeel sent me the skirt along with that gorgeous Barbie-like pink dress. The shape, colour and fit are exquisite. Sometimes, I worry about buying clothing from shops based in Asia. Because it’s so far away, you never know quite what you’re going to get and I always worry the quality won’t quite be as good. I really can vouch for the way these pieces are made though, they feel such high quality and good fabric too. 

It also helps that this skirt makes me feel like a Disney Princess!  

Shoes (that I’ve never actually worn) from Stylistpick – but probably will start to now, because they’re really quite lovely. 

I am a bit of a fan of the hair I’ve gone for in this look too, I’d never consider a low ponytail, but this feels quite sleek pulls the look together nicely. 

Top – H&M | Skirt – Relaxfeel* | Shoes – Stylistpick (similar) | Sunglasses – George at Asda* (similar)

How appropriate the outfit is to go for an autumn walk is debatable, but sometimes it’s fun to skip through the crunchy leaves in a princess skirt!