Working Lunch at Beach Blanket Babylon

Now that The Gentleman and I have so much going on, with full time jobs, plus the blogs and all the other things, it makes it even harder to get to spend time together. Our weekends are now taken up creating content for these sites which we love, but it means cramming in time together. We always ensure that we go to different areas in London so that we can have lunch together and reconnect after a manic week. 

Last time I was at BBB, myself and Jenny watched a proposal happen, and had the most fabulous lunch so I knew Ben would love it too.

We started with a cocktail each; whiskey based for him and fresh and fruity for me. I always like to sit outside when we eat – no matter what the weather is like. I feel like food always tastes better al fresco, plus it’s so much better to take good photos (blogger secret right there!)

We were grabbing a bite to eat between shooting some outfits, so were both feeling rather peckish by the time we sat down. 

Eventually we settled on Burrata for me and a burger for the gentleman. I ended up eating half of his chips, because although mine was delicious, I was still peckish. 

I adore the interior of BBB, it’s beautifully mirrored, quirky and extravagant. 

It’s a place that never disappoints and always delivers on incredible cocktails, delicious food and fabulous service. I even ended up taking my whole family back, the next week. Plus you can visit in all weathers and seasons. I’ll definitely be cosying up in front of their roaring fires this winter.