The Wharf

Ben and I had just wrapped a shoot with Timberland (more on that in a few month’s time!) and both of our stomachs were growling for lunch. We wandered along south bank, just long enough to reach The Wharf. A seaside-style restaurant that I’ve ambled past many times before. But with fabulous sunshine flooding the balcony and a menu that we both liked the sound of, we quickly seated ourselves and ordered our choices.

The sun was beaming down, but there was a slight chill in the air. It was also a Sunday, so neither of us had a cocktail. I can’t remember the last time I did a post on food, without alcohol either..!

The staff were all friendly, professional and prompt, taking our order and presenting it in front of us in record timing.

Delicious food and exactly what we wanted. We caught it on a sunny day, but a fish and chips with steaming cups of tea when the weather turns a bit more would be just as perfect. 

We walked off the food along Southbank stopping to find something that was created a while ago! 

This fabulous piece of art work. Two years ago, Ben and I were passing through Southbank and there was a crowd spray painting. We started talking to them and they invited us to paint one of our own. I got carried away taking photos, but still to this day the man he painted is there. Worried expression still in tact!  

Southbank is one of my favourite places to visit when I just want some photo inspiration. There’s so much to shoot and the colours are forever changing. Plus, when you need a little pick-up, there’s always a SNOG

Not that kind…

This kind!

Always chocolate frozen yoghurt, with raspberries and brownie pieces. When you mix the raspberries into the frozen yoghurt, they freeze and taste so yummy. Perfect treat. 

After a long day walking about in the sunshine, we jumped onto the bus for a movie evening together.