Get a Brilliant Smile

Teeth Whitener

When I was younger, I used to hate my teeth. Years of bad maintenance as a child left me with stained teeth that meant in my teenage years, I mastered the duck face. Every photo of me through my teenage years was like this;

Mouth shut, but just a smile on the edge, desperate to break through. It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I discovered home teeth whitening kits. For years I’ve used a kit that was just £20. The gel made me gag and the mouth guards were reminiscent of the one’s you used to have to wear for hockey.

Then, Smile Brilliant came along and sent me one of their home whitening kits. First, I moulded my teeth, then posted the moulds back to HQ in America. Within a few weeks they had created my teeth moulds and sent them back to me in the form of trays.

I already had the full pack and the gels – everything comes together in the Tray Creation Kit, so you’re set and ready to go as soon as your trays come back!

The trays are thin and comfortable on your gums and the actual gel is completely tasteless, so no more gagging from disgusting tasting formulas! I leave the gel on while I’m getting ready every other morning before taking out the trays. 

Naughtily, I don’t actually use the de-sensitising gel as that does have a bit of a nasty taste. Instead, I ensure I spit the gel out and don’t eat, drink or brush my teeth for a at least 30 minutes after, to let my own saliva strengthen my teeth back to normal. 

Et voila! 

Teeth I’m finally happy to beam about and show off to the world. Even though I have a slight discolouration in my front left tooth, the more I whiten them, the more this will blend and they’ll look even. 

I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant, for the incredible service, great products and fantastic results. They’re the only tooth whitening company (that I’ve come across) that provide the custom dentist trays to you, without even leaving the comfort of your own home and it’s actually pretty affordable too compared to the dentist!

The results aren’t exactly as reflective as Simon Cowell’s nashers, but they’re supposed to be natural. Plus, I’ve left the pictures of me completely un-edited so that it’s a true representation of the whiteness. 

Have you ever tried teeth whitening or used an at-home kit? In case you’re curious, you can see the full process here