Forest on the roof

It’s been three years since I met my Gentleman and we’ve had the most incredible time together. With some amazing adventures planned for the rest of the year, he decided on a more low key anniversary date night for us. 

We went to Selfridges’ Le Chalet last year and the food was incredible. Every six months, Selfridges re-brands the roof top restaurant and changes the menu. Each winter, the chairs fill with blankets, the ceiling with twinkling lights, and the room with candles. 

This year, the roof top has transformed into a forest. The menu, filled with game and comfort foods, makes you feel as though you’re in a farm kitchen after a cold and damp day walking across the countryside, ready to fill your tummy.

Our choices were easy. But first, drinks. 

Bubbalicious for me – bubbles filled with vodka, Hibiscus Flower Tea and Litcy (a concentrated Lychee cordial) – the cocktail was topped with petals and was so perfect, really fruity and fresh. 

The Gentleman went for an Asian Whiskey – a drink he’s only really started trying this year, he’s still working his way through loads of different brands to establish a favourite. I have a feeling we’ll be searching for a while!

We started together with the Baked Cornish Brie, Truffle Honey and Ancient Loaf. Truffle Honey is something I have never come across and it was absolutely incredible. Sweet, but with a savoury tone and, mixed with the brie and bread, it was totally more-ish.

Both of us felt game for deer and duck. I know it’s totally unacceptable to pass plates across the table, but I get food envy so easily that Ben and I always end up sharing.

The deer was cooked to perfection – I asked for it rare and they were more than happy to just about seal the edges for me. It was served on a bed of Kale and topped with an Elderberry Sauce. We got our carb on with Honey Roasted Roots. The Duck Shepherds Pie looked like nothing spectacular. But, you know what they say – looks can be deceiving!

Beautiful comfort food served in the cosiest of settings.

The food was plenty enough, but I really wanted to try one of their speciality hot cocktails, so skipped pudding and we finished our date night at the bar. He had another whiskey and I went for the Cheeky Monkey Chocktail. Banana Liqueur, Cinnamon liqueur and Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream. It was really yummy, but way too much and incredibly sickly. Needless to say Ben finished it off for me.

Both of us were a little overdressed for the restaurant, but I thought it was the perfect time to debut this gorgeous off the shoulder, elegant, blue and black dress from Debenhams. They very kindly sent me the dress from their new collection of Occasion Dresses and it has the most beautifully flattering fit due to the special stretch fabric. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time you’ll see this dress this winter!

It was such a lovely evening and a proper celebration of the last three amazing years together. I feel like a very lucky lady at the moment.