Camel Checks

My entire wardrobe has become four colours this season. Camel, Black, Cream and Brown, then mixing them all together. I’ve come to realise that I’m a definite style chameleon changing between the seasons. Summer brings brights, spring brings pastels, autumn brings warmth in the colours of the falling leaves and then who knows what my mood will bring for winter so far! 

This Jane Norman Cape has done me well over the last few years. There’s nothing like going out with a blanket wrapped around you to protect from the cold, and a cape is as close as you can get without losing style. 

Cape – Jane Norman (similar) | Sunglasses – Zara | Top – Zara | Trousers – Zara | Belt – Elliot Rhodes* | Wedges – Moda in Pelle (similar)

I’ve talked about these 60’s Zara sunglasses already, but they are coming with me on every single holiday I’ll be heading on towards the end of this year. I’m obsessed. 

Zara have basically saved my (cold) skin this season, these trousers and top have been worn over and over. Trousers are brilliant for the colder months as they still stay chic while keeping me warm. This means that I can put practically anything on my feet and I’m nice and toasty. Maybe even sling back wedges… I never would have thought of these shoes for autumn, but if they work I’ll wear them! These Moda in Pelle buckle detail wedges have the perfect colours in them to compliment the outfit, and surprisingly don’t look too summery! 

The print of the trousers remind me of something one of my teachers would have worn in Junior School, but hopefully I’ve managed to take them away from their original 90’s styling to the here and now. The perfect autumnal outfit for strolling around Hampstead Heath at the weekend.