H&M Beauty

When I first discovered makeup as a smaller version of myself, it was all about putting as many colours on my eyelids as possible, followed by bright pink cheeks and eyelashes that stuck out as far as my nose. 

It’s safe to say I think I’ve come pretty far since then. I’m still learning, so I’m sticking to playing with high street brands to practice with, before I can move on to more expensive and professional brands. 

Luckily, H&M have brought out a gorgeous beauty range, re-vamping all their products, to bring us a perfect alternative when you just don’t want to spend as much while you’re learning. 

The new H&M lipstick shades are beautifully creamy with the most fabulous shades. I succumbed to Popsicle and Pomelo Juice. Two gorgeous but very different colours. One coral and one pinky nude, both perfect for day or night. 

I also grabbed a lip liner in shade Pressed Petals. Now I’ve never actually bought a lip liner before, so don’t have too much to compare it to. But personally I don’t think it’s amazing. To my understanding, lip liners are supposed to keep your lipstick from bleeding out, but this one isn’t totally sealing. 

Next, the first eyeshadow palette that I’ve bought myself (for some reason people would always buy me makeup for birthdays… maybe I should have taken the hint sooner!) At just £9.99, the Ready, Set, Glow Palette has pretty much all the shades I’d ever really need to use. From a simple Cream to the most glamorous of Rose Golds. Of course, the quality is slightly obvious (even to a makeup novice) it’s not as ‘gliding’ as most eyeshadows. But if you build it up, the coverage improves and you can get a decent eye. 

The one factor that isn’t even debatable is that H&M have had an Instagram genius design the packaging for all the beauty products. Cream, Black, Gloss, Gold and sleek branding create items just screaming to be added to a flatlay. Not difficult, when you want to carry them with you everywhere anyway! Even if I wasn’t as impressed with the eyeshadow or lip liner, I’ll definitely be back for a few more shades of lipstick.