Glamping in a Wigwam

After a sound sleep, we woke to the smell of bacon and eggs at The Four Seasons. Quickly throwing on some clothes and rushing downstairs, our table was waiting for us with a delectable spread of everything we were craving. 

We helped ourselves to yoghurt, fresh fruit, cereal, pastries and fruit juice, then ordered our hot breakfast from the menu and steaming cups of tea and coffee to accompany. It all arrived in a mouth-watering spread and we made sure to demolish every last bit in preparation for the day ahead. 

I had Kedgeree, which is a typical Scottish breakfast dish made of rice, fish, white curry sauce and egg in a big bowl which took me right back to my childhood, and Ben went for the Scottish breakfast. 

The sky gave us a beautiful break and stunning sunshine for the journey north to visit Ben Nevis, and a day of driving ensued with us arriving in Fort William in time for lunch. 

We thought it was either going to be a big town or a cute little village, but we slightly wished we had planned lunch for somewhere else. Fort William is really somewhere you can skip in your plans, with nothing there but a car park and a few supermarkets as well as tourist shops. 

Finally, we found a spot worthy of watching the still mountain that owns the title of the highest point in the UK. 

It was suitably gloomy and didn’t do much, so we drove to our next stop and place for the next night. 

The Infiniti was parked up outside a little wooden Wigwam in Strathfillan, Perthshire. Nestled amongst the Lochs, forests and Peaks and we were free to explore. 

Wigwam Holidays are a fab alternative to hotel accommodation. They’re obviously not luxury, but if you’re going to camp, you might as well make it a little glam! They very kindly invited us down to see what we thought of the whole thing and we thought it was too fun and opportunity not to accept!

We were staying in a Big Chief Wigwam, which included a large seating area that transformed to become a huge bed capable of sleeping up to four people and a small kitchen area with a fridge. The Wigwam has built in electricity and heating, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep. Of course, you bring your own provisions and it’s up to you whether you eat in camp or not. 

We decided to have the full experience and the lovely Rena made sure we were well stocked with plenty of Exotic meats including Kangaroo sausages, Ostrich Steaks and Elk Burgers to cook over our camp fire. We left the meat to defrost and went for a wander around camp. 

A stunning pine forest is split in half by a powerful waterfall and river, cutting through the hill and powering down towards still lochs. 

There are so many stunning walks around the campsite, but it was getting late and we were wanted to get the fire going before it got too dark. 

We popped the meat on the pan over the open fire, after getting some provisions of salad and chips from the village. Wrapping up in our jumpers and wellies, we sat on our picnic bench and munched our way through each of the meats with nothing but the bunny rabbits around us. No phones, no internet, just pure conversation and giggles and it was bliss. 

Pudding was made up of toasted marshmallows and treats from the local store/bakery/petrol station/pub. 

Strathfillan Wigwam Village is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. They’re a working farm with loads of Wigwams and Lodge’s to rent from just £40 per night. There’s a farm shop where you can buy everything you need for the stay and I’ve been thinking of bringing a big couples group to go camping. It would make the most fabulous getaway! 

What do you guys think, is glamping something you’d try in these stunning surroundings?