Franco Manca

I know, once again I am a bit slow on the pulse. The truth is though, that I’ve never been much of a fan of Pizza, so I’m slow on all of the Pizza excitement. 

A while ago, The Gentleman and I lived near Brixton and every time we mentioned we were there, people would tell us to visit Franco Manca. We never did, but then we moved. And it seems as though Franco Manca followed. 

More recently, Franco Manca opened in Belsize Park and Ben and I were out of excuses not to visit. We made an impromptu stop-in after this Elsa-inspired photo shoot the other day. 

The menu is short and simple. The water, served in wine bottles and the service comes with a beaming smile. 

We placed our orders. Mine from the menu and his from the specials board. We always share, so split them down the middle when they arrived and ordered a salad on the side ‘to get our greens!’

We chose the Chorizo and Mozzarella and Veg Special. Both were incredible, but the Veg Special was truly delicious. 

I think I’ve come to realise that I had associated Pizza with thick bases, splattered with tomato sauce and topped with cheap meats. Franco Manca has proved that Pizza doesn’t have to taste like soggy cardboard and it’s definitely converted me.