Fields of Gold

Last weekend, we celebrated one of our really good friend’s, Parent’s 20th wedding Anniversary. It was a double party with them both celebrating milestone birthday’s too! We hadn’t planned on documenting it as it was a private event, so didn’t bring cameras. 

Right next to the venue was this incredible field full of golden corn, with the evening sun glinting off the surface bringing up a mirage of a lake made of gold. 

Of course, never one to miss a photo opportunity, I waded into that golden corn. Almost blending in wearing my beautiful Boohoo Golden dress

Sometimes, I meet people and they say, oh I love your pictures, you must have an incredible camera. Yes, my DSLR is amazing and creates top quality images, but you can still capture incredible images with an iPhone, which hopefully these pictures prove. With the right angle, lighting and a little edit you can get almost the same effect. 

If you can see an image in your mind when you spot a scene, capture it. We drove around a service station over three times once, trying to capture the most incredible blood orange moon in the sky. I didn’t get it, but at least I tried!

Dress – Boohoo | Earrings – Stella & Dot | Necklace – Stella & Dot | Bracelet – Stella & Dot

Before I leave you to have a fabulous weekend, I must tell you that you kinda need this dress in your life. Boohoo have an epic sale on right now and this stunning dress is just £6, AND comes in Black, Mocha and this lovely Mustard colour. Let me know if you get any of them, I’m tempted to get the black version too!

Are you like me and see the beauty in everything around you, needing to stop and capture it sometimes so the moment lasts forever?