Cutter and Squidge

I seem to be telling you all about really sweet things at the moment. I’m not really sorry about it, because I’m the one trying them all out and if I can tempt at least a few of you to try them too, then, well, at least I won’t be fat on my own! 

Another day took us back into Soho and to Cutter & Squidge. A delightful little pop up filled with yummy treats, made completely of natural colourings and flavourings. 

They have a selection of yumminess on offer; cakes, ice-cream, mini meringues and marshmallows as well as coffees, teas, cold drinks and their signature bake – Biskies. 

Biskies are essentially cookies sandwiched together with butter icing. Cutter & Squidge are slightly health conscious however, so always use real British butter and instead of packing their icing full of sugar, they stick to fresh fruits and real chocolate to make the taste fuller and even more delicious! 

We didn’t try them, but we’ll definitely be back to sample them soon!

Instead, we each had an ice cream (yep, summer was actually here at one point this year). Smooth vanilla ice-cream drizzled with hardening dark chocolate and topped with crunchy Honeycomb. 

I think we were both pretty pleased! 

Not feeling as though I had taken enough, I decided to grab a slice of one of their beautifully decadent cakes to take to Sophie who had been working on my parents flat all day! 

I settled on this beauty; a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate sponge gateau decorated with naturally coloured icing using real strawberries – so it’s slightly healthy…ish.

If you want to grab a Biskie, get in quick! Cutter & Squidge won’t be in Soho forever, but you can still order from their website or set up an appointment at their London HQ

Are you intrigued to try them, had you heard of a Biskie before?