Blo(wn) Away by a Blo Dry

On a particularly rainy London afternoon, I jumped over puddles, huddled under my umbrella, and rushed on to Covent Garden. 

Walking into Blo, my mood was immediately brightened as I was met by the lovely Brandy, who made sure I was comfortable in my stunning white swivel chair with my drink of choice. 

I snapped a quick ‘before’ photo, when the lovely Ana Gomes (my stylist for the afternoon) introduced herself and took me over for my hair wash. 

There is truly nothing better than people playing with your hair, brushing it and washing it. It’s so relaxing and Ana used the yummiest smelling products from Unite to make it spotlessly clean! 

‘Sink Selfie’

Ana checked with me which look I wanted to go for (Holly Would) before brushing out my hair, spritzing it with more delicious smelling products, and attacking it with the blow dry. 

No easy task when you have as much hair as me. In fact, there was so much, we needed to call in for back up. 

I watched, fascinated, as Ana pulled my hair into perfect curls then pinned them together in beautiful symmetry, like a Van Gogh masterpiece. 

I was getting so excited to see the final result. I’ve never had ‘just a blow dry’ only ever a blow dry when my hair has already been cut. So to have someone concentrate just on the finish, was truly a treat. 

Ana gave my hair a final spritz, before slowly unravelling each curl, letting it fall down my back. I lay my head back over the chair and she shook out the curls, before letting me sit back up and styling it around my face. 

I can truly say; my hair has never looked so big and bouncy and it’s definitely in the top 3 styles I’ve ever had.

What do you guys think? 

My blow dry was complimentary for purpose of review, but I hope you agree that my hair looks pretty fabulous thanks to the wonderful skill of Blo Covent Garden.