The Gent and Lady in Greece: Belly Dancing

It would be absolutely ridiculous to have a fitness inspired cruise around the Med, without trying our hips at traditional Turkish Belly Dancing – especially as we were on a Turkish boat! Luckily, it had been slipped into our itinerary for one of the last days.

We had a fairly uneventful day, sailing from Cutea Island to the island of Rhodes (our last stop on the trip). When we reached Rhodes, we moored up and dove straight into the sea – after a spot of lunch.

Lunch consisted of salad, a gnocchi type pasta dish and delicious coriander potatoes that was all wolfed down in record timing.

Ben and Nik were the first into the sea, crawling their way over to Benik Island (self titled obviously) before Ramona and I had to go and rescue them with woggles, goggles and snorkels.

When we reached them, we all set off around Benik Island for the best snorkelling I’ve ever done. Surprisingly vibrant fish flittered past, reflecting rays of gold sunshine against the Agean blue.

The rest of the afternoon passed into evening as we sunbathed, swam and drank, sunbathed, swam and drank. It was the laziest day we had on board, and we weren’t sorry for it.

Before our fitness session, the boys disappeared in the speed boat to grab some drinks for us for after dinner, while we were told to go and put eyeliner on. When we came back, this was waiting for us. 

Along with these.

The wine didn’t last long after the bells were placed around our waists, and across our chests and we started shaking our hips. Learning to separate our chests from our waists and our hips from our waists, we moved to the traditional Turkish music, with the Captain and deck hands cheering us on from the sidelines.

It was hilarious.

When the boys finally returned to the boat, they found us in fits of giggles and a few bottles of wine down – well and truly bonded in friendship, inhibitions lost at sea.

They also made it back just in time for supper and a delicious cherrie and vodka cake made by the Captain. You can always trust the boys to make it back before meal times. They can practically hear a table being set from a mile away…

Together, we all watched the spectacular orange sunset sinking behind the island.

We shook our hips to Shakira and The Spice Girls, late into the night, before collapsing into our makeshift bed at the back of the boat. Silly smiles plastered wide across our faces.