The Gent and Lady in Greece: Cutea Island

It is said in Greek Myth that when you throw a bottle into the ocean containing a message, it shall travel across the seas and arrive at the steps of Panormitis Monastery. Here the monks shall collect it and present it to Archangel Michael, before placing it into a special room in the monastery along with hundreds of others that have travelled the very same journey. 

It was easy to see how everything ended up at these steps. If I ever fall into the ocean, I hope I would drift into that beautiful bay once more! Inside, the Monastery was even more spectacular.

Out of respect for the Monks, we only took photos in the courtyard. One room, just off the courtyard, the outside painted yellow with a beautiful terracotta roof, contained the most incredible opulence. Portraits, statues and murals, all of Archangel Michael plastered the walls, in dedication of the Angel’s actions in defeating Satan. 

Legend has it, that if you make a promise to Michael, and fulfil it, he will give you whatever you ask for in return. He is an angel of his word. 

Before returning to the boat, we decided to explore the tiny village and stop at the only restaurant, along the sea front, for some ice cream. 

Sunglasses – H&M | Playsuit – H&M | Belt – Vintage (sorry!) | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Moda in Pelle

We left the bay after lunch, the seas a little angry from the colder winds blowing along the top of them. They threw us left and right, while we imagined King Triton of the Mermaids having a row in the depths of the waves. 

As we got closer to our bay for the night, the waves calmed and the winds died. Suddenly Barack (the young deckhand) shouted out along the boat ‘Dolphin!’ 

It’s the first time I have ever seen wild dolphins and we were all so excited. They breached the water a number of times while we sailed past. The island we were to moor at was called Cutea island, on account of it being the cutest little island Ali had seen. With the magic of the dolphins, it was easy to see why. 

Ramona and I were so excited that we jumped straight into the kayak and paddled out to where we had seen them. Unfortunately, they had long since swum away and the currents were pulling us towards the rocks so we hastily paddled back. My arms burning as we finally reached the safety of the boat and jumped into the cool water to wash the sweat away. 

We took a few rounds of the bay in the speed boat, before it was time to change for a supper of fresh fish and salads. 

I was beginning to get so used to drifting off to sleep on the deck of the boat, watching the sunset and listening to the men playing backgammon late into the night. 

Ben joined me each night. We whispered about life and the future, with nothing but the stars to eavesdrop.