Symi Stripes

Sometimes, there’s one piece that you spy on a clothes rail. Hanging limply off the hanger. There’s something about it, but you walk past it because you’re sure it’s ‘not right for your figure’ or ‘you could never pull it off’. 

Yet, for some reason, you’re drawn back to it. Purchase it. And take it home to try on in the comfort of your own space. Away from the judgemental eyes of anyone else. You close your eyes as you put it on. Holding your breath as you step into the mirror’s reflection and opening your eyes, one lid at a time, looking left and right at the garment on your frame. 

I did this with these trousers and the biggest smile appeared on my face. They are without doubt the most flattering item I now own. You only have to peek at my Instagram to see what I mean!

The cut, flare, stripe and fabric is all genius in these beauties. I’m pretty small at about 5ft, but these trousers really do make me look as though I’m at least a few inches taller. Plus I can sneak a little wedge under to make them look even longer. 

The waist band even pulls me in at the exact place I need it. I could just talk about them forever. I loved them so much that I went back to River Island and bought the Jumpsuit which I unfortunately had to return after realising that the bottom is completely see-through! 

Top – River Island | Trousers – River Island | Sunglasses – Zara | Shoes – Primark

Are there ever items that you try and are so glad that you did? Would you try the wide-leg stripe trouser look?