Jord Watches and a Wahacas

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m not really a watch wearer. So when an email popped into my inbox asking if I’d like to review a Jord Watch*, I only skimmed through it. 

I stopped skimming when the word ‘wooden’ caught my eye.

A wooden watch; hand crafted on the basis that it would be sustainable, efficient and simple, yet elegant. A style guided by a deep appreciation of natural elements mixed with modern design. Perhaps it was the simplicity in the design that made me reply to the email and perhaps I was slightly intrigued as to what exactly a wooden watch would be like. Either way, it reached me not long after. And I found myself, one weekend, with The Gentleman and Ruairidh, deciding to give it a test drive. 

We met for a long and lazy lunch at Wahaca, one of our favourite weekend spots, to catch up before Ruairidh was due to fly to Amsterdam to see Jaime. Ben and I got our usual Wahaca selection – An Introduction. While Ruairidh plumped for the Chicken Taquitos. 

While we waited for the food, Ruairidh spotted my watch – “Is that made of wood?” I’d forgotten I had the watch on. Extending my wrist towards him and admiring it too, I told him it was. Of course, then he made me take it off so he could properly examine it. When he was done, he pushed it back across the table to me, with a slight grin “It’s cool”. I nodded, pleased that he’d managed to come to the same conclusion I had. The watch was quickly placed back on my wrist and the food came;

I’m a big fan of the Wahaca selection, and think it’s such good value for money. However, if you don’t want lot’s of dishes, you must try the Pork Pibill Tacos. They really are out of this world. Just make sure you eat them over a plate – the juice stains (yep, found out the hard way). 

I also rave about the Sweet Potato Taquitos which are an explosion of taste, yet subtle enough in flavour to want to eat a vat of them. 

We finished up and paid the (tiny) bill, before spending the rest of the afternoon shopping and seeing the rest of my crazy family. 

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to tell you about the watch. I ordered the lovely Fieldcrest in Maple as I thought it would be the most subtle and casual for every-day use. It arrived in the most beautiful box, smothered in stunning engravings, and branded with the company seal. The watch was carefully placed inside on a small pillow made of a rich, grey, tweed-like fabric that made it all feel very exclusive and expensive. 

I wanted to compliment the watch, yet keep my outfit casual enough to walk around in for the whole day, so I paired it with a pencil skirt and simple white tee. I even wore my hair up which I don’t think has happened in the history of this blog! 

One of the fabulous things about a Jord Watch is that you can measure up your wrist size, before ordering your watch, so that it arrives ready-to-wear. It’s so easy to do and takes minutes, saving you so much time and effort over going to a watch makers to have it re-sized. For people like me, that just don’t have the time to be doing things like that, it’s a great help. 

Sunglasses – Rayban | Top – Zara | Bag – Stella & Dot | Skirt – Missguided | Shoes – Primark

The test day for my watch just happened to be one of  the hottest days of the year. I was a little worried that my wrist might sweat under the wood, sorry, TMI I know. When I opened up the watch to check, I was pleased to see that I was fine. The wood was helping my skin breathe. 

I also suffer with swelling limbs, fingers, wrists etc in the heat, but not once did the watch get too tight. Even though it’s a snug fit. 

I’m even wearing the watch today, with a rose gold bracelet nestled next to it – it’s ridiculously versatile!

What do you guys think of the watch? Check the Jord Watches website and let me know which is your favourite!

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