Iberica La Terraza

When the weather is good here in London, we all race outside to eat al-fresco. The only problem is that the demand in London is higher than supply, and it can be a little difficult to find somewhere that will suitably accommodate your Mediterranean dining standards. 

Iberica La Terraza is one of those little gems hidden away in the city by Canary Wharf – it’s somewhere us Londoner’s don’t often venture to unless you live or work there. But, I don’t doubt that The Gentleman and I will be back again when the weather want’s to get back to summer! 

The outdoors restaurant is situated in a corner of Cabot Square and surrounded by trees, dangling loose bulbs between them. To really make you think you’re in Spain; the chairs back onto a fountain, so you have the nostalgic sound of running water as you eat. I’m pretty sure they fortify the sunshine too (not officially guaranteed). We settled down in our corner, with pretty much the whole courtyard to ourselves and the waiters and ordered our tapas. 

 All of our orders came together, along with a few refreshments that somehow managed to sneak onto our table too – oh, who am I kidding – I have a cocktail with every meal… 

We ordered mandatory crusty bread with oils to dip. 

Mojito for The Gentleman.  

A chorizo platter. 


I ordered the Terrazzo Cocktail (when in Rome) which was a beautiful mix of Gin, Cranberries, Lime and sugar. Totally delicious and served in a ridiculously large bowl glass, which only added to the whole experience. 

Finally, our last order was the Manchego served with Quince Jelly and fresh apple. My favourite cheese ever, in one of my favourite settings. 

With our stomachs not quite content and my sweet tooth screaming out, I had to order one last plate. The Gentleman declined, but they brought over two spoons anyway (obviously knowing that he only TRIES to be polite). I ordered the Banana cake with Chocolate and Coffee Cream, which arrived drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Completely decadent and ultimately delicious. 

The flavour combinations were inspired and the pudding was definitely not what I was expecting, yet a fabulously tasty surprise all the same. 

We settled the bill and decided to make the most of the afternoon warmth, with a stroll down Southbank after bumping into a few friends. 

Jumper dress – H&M | Sunglasses – RayBan | Leggings – Topshop | Boots – Pretty Little Thing

They were a little rigid and not terribly talkative though, so on we went, past Big Ben. 

It didn’t take us long before we decided we wanted to continue our al fresco dining with some drinks, so we popped on the tube and then bus to Bluebird in Chelsea

Here we talked and people-watched until the sun went down. Munching on nibbles and sipping on wine and cocktails. This, in my opinion, is how summer’s in London should be lived.