Dining at The Diner for Independence Day

I’m sorry to interrupt the travel posts, but I kinda have to tell you about a little trip to America The Gentleman and I took this week. 

The Diner (Soho) invited us for a little preview of their completely original, limited edition, 4th July menu so that I could tell you guys about it. It’s going to be available for just one day; Independence Day, in all The Diner’s locations across London so you have 8 reasons not to miss out. 

You can have as much or as little as you like of the feast, but we managed everything… so the challenge is yours. If you accept. 

We started with Frito Pie – ridiculously tasty potato chips covered in chilli sauce and served playfully in the crisp packet. 

We actually shared this one and I finished it off, scraping the packet clean and laying my fork down in surrender to await the next course. 

While we waited, we each chose a cocktail from their fabulous ‘Hard Tea’ menu. The Diner G&Tea for me and the Teajito for him. 

Pretty refreshing for one of the hottest days of the year so far and also rather pretty in general! 

My mind was blown when the next dish came out – a few of my favourite components all on one plate. I have this strange thing where I’ll scrape out the inside of a baked potato and mash it up with butter, then eat the skin last as my favourite bit. Placed in front of me, potato skins with pulled BBQ chicken and sour cream on top – Austin, the Chef, called them Chicken Skins.

They didn’t last very long. 

Soon after, the main was served. The Taco Crunch Burger wouldn’t be something I would pick off the menu normally, but I’m glad I didn’t have a choice. 

An 8oz burger slathered in queso cheese sauce, crispy tortillas, pickles, smoked caramelised onions and topped off with The Diner’s signature burger sauce. On the side – grilled corn on the cob; rolled in lime mayo, grated cheese and chilli powder. As far as Independence Day BBQ’s go, a grilled corn on the cob is as authentic as you get. 

The burger was cooked perfectly, with a beautiful pink centre and light, fluffy buns encasing it. The crunch of the tortillas was a pleasant surprise too, however there was a lot of queso cheese on top which was lovely, but a little much for my palette. 

Nothing the corn couldn’t make up for though…

Our feast was very nearly over. But not before a little something I hadn’t yet ever had the pleasure of tasting. S’mores. 

To American’s, they need little more introduction than the delectable snack to feast upon whilst sitting around a camp fire in summer. To us Brit’s; Graham Crackers with a square of chocolate placed on one then a toasted marshmallow squeezed on top, before a final cracker sandwiches it together. And finally, devoured. Ensuring none of that sticky, oozing centre is wasted. 

They really are finger licking good.

To finish off our mid-week feast, we both had one last cocktail (The Diner G&Tea again) before saying our thank you’s and deciding to walk it off with a stroll home through Regents Park.

I’m kind of ashamed that I always thought the walk back to my house was so long, I always hop on the tube or bus. Walking it in the sunshine though, showed me that really I should be doing this every day. 

Sunglasses – RayBan | Trousers – Zara (sale – in store) | Shoes – Primark | Bag – Stella & Dot (similar) 

And especially as it looks as though I may be visiting The Diner a little more often for supper…

Do any of you have plans for the 4th July? I know we don’t celebrate it much here (for various reasons!) but the food is definitely something we can all get into at least! I’d love a cheeky tweet if you decide to visit The Diner, and don’t forget to mention them @thedinertweets. 

NB – Our meal and drinks were complimentary for purpose of review.