Burnt Orange Sunsets

If there’s one thing you can count on Europe for, it’s a sensational sunset at the end of a cloudless, blue day. The sun throws an orange glow over everything, while slowly turning the sea a deep inky black. 

Sunglasses – H&M | Dress – George at Asda* | Shoes – Moda in Pelle | Ring – Primark 

Sometimes, the supermarkets really throw up surprises, this dress was one of them. The designers with George at Asda had a brain wave when designing this dress. The colour, the lace, the length, and the overall cut is perfectly flattering. I’m obsessed with it. 

I don’t usually associate the supermarkets with elegant dresses and outfits, but it’s a bit of a revelation that you can pick up a dress suitable for most occasions along with your bread and milk!

Have you found a dress or outfit in the supermarket that you’ve been completely surprised by, or do you normally walk straight past the clothes, preferring to shop at the supermarket?