The Gent and Lady in Turkey/Greece

The best thing about being on a boat is that your plans can change at the drop of an anchor. 

We hadn’t planned on staying in Adabogazi cove, but it was too beautiful to leave. So we stayed for morning yoga, breakfast and a spot of paddling (and posing).

Swim shorts – George at Asda*

Hat – H&M | Embroidered Kimono – George at Asda* | Bikini – River Island (Top, Bottoms)

Once we had all thoroughly washed out the morning hair, we departed to Bozburun where our passports were stamped to allow us into Greece. The town of Bozburun was so beautiful, cute small and bright turquoise water. We were here as a local village woman had kindly invited us into her home to cook us a local lunch. 

Playsuit – H&M | Shoes – Primark | Sunglasses – Rayban

Arriving at the family’s house, we were seated on the porch with a table that had been laid out. I was getting extremely used to sitting around a table with this lovely lot. 

The lady of the house cooked for us. Explaining the process of the beautiful little rice parcels she made for us. Apparently there is only a couple of days’ window for the courgette flower and our visit fitted slap bang in the middle of a bumper crop. The flowers are usually picked and washed, then stuffed with a rice and a coriander mix, before being slowly steamed to perfection.

And the result was unbelievable. So light, fresh and tasty. The perfect accompaniment for the rest of the dishes. The table was filled with potato, bread, salad and even the green beans in tomato sauce that we had all grown to love! 

The family fed us so well, and were so interested to hear about us. Quizzing in their broken English. We were even treated to the strongest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. 

The coffee is brought to the boil all in one big pot and then ladled into dainty little cups. Frothy and smooth on top with the sediment left to drop to the bottom. It was beautiful.

After lunch, we had an hour before we set sail again. We used the time to wander around the beautiful harbour town and explore. So many beautiful things to see waiting around each corner, from the architecture to the tiles and the blue paint against the green of the plants.

Sunglasses – Rayban | Top – All Saints | Shorts – F&F* | Boat Shoes – F&F*

The next stop was an impressive turquoise cove surrounded by sheer cliff and a beautiful beach with nothing more than a small monastery on it and wild mountain goats. 

The view was so impressive, that it called for a glass of something a little more special… pink champagne.

Our first view of Greece was pretty spectacular to say the least. We jumped right into that beautiful  refreshing water and swam over to the beach from the boat to explore the Monastery. The gates swung open as we padded bare foot to the door, droplets of water dripping behind us like a trail of breadcrumbs. The doors were all locked and bars held the windows shut. The garden was overgrown with weeds and the goats had decided to call the patio their own.

We made our peace before heading back to the beach. Stopping to lie on our tummies and strain over the pier to see the fish swimming through the clear water. 

We front crawled back to the boat to grab snorkels and goggles before swimming back to the rock edge with Ramona, Nik, Ali and The Gentleman. When you’re under water, it’s like a whole other world. We’re fighting so hard to see whats in space, yet we still don’t know what’s below our feet and in the depths of  the oceans. That, to me, is more fascinating. 

We made it back to the boat feeling entirely fulfilled and just in time for our evening fitness before we  sailed to the beautiful small town of Symi for Sunset.