The Gent and Lady in Turkey: Marmaris

This was our first daylight view of Marmaris at 6am on the first day of our holidays. In the UK it was still 4am, but I was wide awake and raring to get out in the sunshine.

Finally when I managed to drag Ben out of bed, we changed and went out to explore, pick out our favourite boats and hunt down some breakfast!

Of course a little posing in the harbour couldn’t go amiss!

Settling down to breakfast, the heat of the morning sun was an accurate indication of how the rest of the day would be. We stuck our faces as close to the outdoor fans as we could, while we ordered iced coffees and delicious treats.

Hydrated, fed and chilled into holiday-mode, we negotiated past the restaurants lining the harbour and found a quieter courtyard filled with boutiques and jewellery shops. Sometimes it’s away from the tourists and busy streets that you find the true gems.

This courtyard was an Instagram moment that just had to happen.

Top – George at Asda* | Bikini – Jane Norman | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Primark

We had a few hours perusing the Bazaar with vendors left, right and centre calling out to us ‘pretty couple, come look!’ The majority of shops were selling everything that you can get on Bond Street, for a fraction of the price… we wandered through, reminded of our experiences in the Marrakech Souks and spent the last few hours, before we boarded our boat, wandering around the harbour once more.

When it was finally time to meet everyone else outside the tourist information office, we were a bit nervous. After all, these people were to be spending a week with us in pretty close quarters!

An American lady and a Turkish Gentleman were standing with luggage, so we immediately gravitated towards them. The Turkish Gentleman introduced himself as Ali (Mediterranean Fitness Voyage Founder) and the lady; before introducing herself as Ramona, stared at Ben, before exclaiming, ‘you are wearing the exact same outfit as my husband, in fact, you actually look like my husband.’ It was only when Nik turned up that we realised she wasn’t kidding;

Obviously, a bromance to rival Stepbrothers ensued for the rest of the holiday… but I’m getting ahead of myself. We met the rest of the group and trundled off to the boat, skipping past each and trying to judge which would be ours.

When Ali stopped at a gangplank leading up to the most beautiful wooden gullet I’ve ever seen, you could see every one of our jaws drop to the floor. Cindy (Ali’s partner and co-founder of MDFV) met us on board and we were shown to our rooms and around the boat.

At that moment we all knew we were in for a pretty epic week.

We set sail for the first stop in our trip; to Paradise Island – it really was Paradise too.

The crickets echoed across the water and harmonised with the sound of birds and wild animals coming from the island.

As we soaked up our surroundings and dipped in and out of the cool water, a blanket of black slowly spread over the Jungle, reaching its finger tips through the water and gradually enveloping the boat.

We watched this, as our Captain prepared fresh sea bass on a box BBQ hanging over the side of the boat.

The night ended with team building done the English way; over numerous bottles of wine…