The Gent and Lady in Greece: Symi Island

Symi Island, in the morning light, was even more impressive than the evening. 

I woke up on the deck, at the back of the boat, the sun glittering along the top of the water as sail boats drifted in and out of the small harbour. 

We shovelled down our breakfast and raced through our yoga session, before heading off on our day’s trek to the beautiful Monastery in the hills of Symi.  

With the town disappearing quickly behind us, we set off into the haze heat, frantically snapping every beautiful landscape scene and creature I could as we went.

The walk we were doing has to be done by every engaged couple in the village before they wed, to acquire the blessing from God. The pilgrimage is an extremely hot walk with no shelter for shade. I’m not sure if they actually have to do it in their wedding dresses, but can you imagine?!

Out of respect for the Monks, you can only take pictures of the Monastery up to a certain distance and we didn’t go inside, but it was a really beautiful cool building with incredible views of the bay and small town below. I’d be a pretty content Monk if I lived there!

Carrying on, we walked past their goats and chickens, before descending back into the town.

Sports Bra – H&M | Shorts – H&M (similar) | Trainers – George at Asda*

Stop a moment.

Scroll back up. Is that not the Greek version of the Barbie Dream House? Too perfect!

Climbing back on board, trailing pools of sweat behind us, we immediately showered and changed into swimsuits for our next voyage to Maroni Island.

Swimsuit – George at Asda* | Board shorts – George at Asda*

Our swimsuits this time, had to be a little more supportive and sturdy. My Spotty George swimsuit with tummy tuck abilities was perfect and ensured I had no flashing incidents! The speed-boat was disembarked from the back of the Gulet and the banana boat swiftly attached behind it. The Gentleman and I were the first to volunteer and wore our bravest faces as we clambered gracefully boarded the inflatable.

And we were off!

I genuinely think that couples therapy needs to be scrapped in favour of banana boat treatment –  I don’t think Ben and I have ever worked better as a team than on that banana boat. Leaning into the waves and across the wake, keeping us balanced and upright refusing to be thrown into the cool waters.

We managed twice around the bay before we found ourselves being hurled into the water, swallowing gulps of the salty water and choking on our giggles as we broke the surface.

We spent the rest of the evening swimming in the sea, exploring the coastline and bidding adieu to the sun with our evening yoga.