Spring fragrances

There’s nothing quite so lovely as switching up your fragrances when spring comes around. Choosing fresh scents with hints of florals as the cold, crisp mornings roll into long hazily warm evenings. 

The first fragrance I ever had was bought for myself and my two sisters, from Brittany Ferries on our yearly trip to Sotogrande in the south of Spain, by my mother. It was a children’s fragrance branded with Babar and Celeste from the Babar children’s book series. I’m pretty sure my mum has the fragrance still sitting on her shelf at home in her bathroom, but I can’t find it to link to now. 

One evening, Alice (our au pair when we were little *waves*) after much pleading from us, agreed to let us each have a spritz on our necks. It turned out that the evening was much warmer than anticipated and the sun stayed much later in the sky. The rays mixed with the freshly spritzed fragrance and burnt our necks – for which I still have a little scar, but it serves as a little memory of feeling beautiful and smelling deliciously grown up. One of my youngest memories of turning from Tomboy into young woman.

My fragrance collection has since grown to include quite a few, with my signature fragrance being Miss Dior Eau de Parfum.

I’ve chosen my top three scents, to effortlessly carry you from Winter into Spring and Spring into Summer!

Paul Smith Rose is a heady Eau de Parfum, recognisable from the floral scents it carries. After first being presented at The Chelsea Flower show in 2006, it’s 9 years of popularity have kept it on shelves as a popular fragrance. The simplistic bottle and light pink liquid are encased in a gorgeous floral dust bag and rose covered white box, for a fresh and feminine feel.

Definitely one for you if you like your fragrance to last all day!

YSL’s Parisienne Eau de Parfum is the perfect fragrance to keep your vanity looking beautiful. This perfume was made to sit on top of a dressing table, surrounded by beautiful objects. A perfume made for the woman whose heart belongs in Paris, yet roams the world. The fragrance itself has floral notes of Damask Rose, Blackberry and Violet but is paired with notes of Peonies, Sandalwood and Musk for a deeper scent.

Finally, a firm favourite of mine; Daisy by Marc Jacobs. A fragrance that works on most people and is the epitome of spring. Has anyone else noticed the carpets of white that seem to be engulfing Regent’s Park at the moment? Millions of daisies like a blanket of snow. I have to admit they are one of my favourite flowers so it comes as no surprise that I adore this bottle! The fragrance itself has notes of wild strawberry, so it’s easy to imagine yourself transported to a summer meadow when you spritz it!

So there you have it. My top three of the moment. Do you have favourite scents or do you go back to the same time and time again?