Lunching with Laura

I’m very late on my blog posts, for which I apologise. This one is all the way from London Fashion Week’s; London Fashion Weekend for which Laura invited me along to. I’ve been meaning to attend London Fashion Week since I moved to London. I’ve found I’m always busy when they’re on so have yet to make it! I will though. Hoping this year may be the one. Although I digress. 

I arrived at London Fashion Weekend and was immediately pounced upon by a camera crew asking me questions about my outfit and wanting to film me drinking their drink. It was all a little stressful as I could feel my bag vibrating while the camera was rolling and was worried that Laura was trying to find me. 

As I finally managed to spy her, I ducked under the cameras to give her a hug. It had been a while and I was keen to catch up! We trotted into the courtyard at Somerset House and proceeded to grab a few fashion snaps of each other. You can see Laura’s fab outfit here. After a while we were attracting the attention of an older gentleman who started to take photos of both of us, before another gentleman gently told him it wasn’t really appropriate to take pics of women without their consent. This was quickly becoming all a bit much!

We walked around the showrooms for a little while, before calling it a day and retiring to the ME Hotel Radio Bar. We managed to find a nice table tucked behind the bar and perched ourselves high on the stools to sample the cocktail menu. 

Below us was the hotel reception. Between us and the marble floor? Just a few glass panes. Needless to say, it took us a little while to get comfortable with the height! I have to say, the view from the Radio Bar is incredible. I had been in the Penthouse that adjoins it, a few days before in the UGG Sanctuary Lounge which was beautiful and had views across the city. Plus private access to the roof terrace! 

Finally relaxing, we settled back into our first cocktails; both delightfully fruity and sweet. 

Laura had been having a blow dry in the morning and I had rushed out of the house, so we were both a little peckish at this point. Luckily, Radio Bar has a brilliant bar snack menu filled with tasty treats. We went for the cheese platter, Sliders, Sweet Potato Patatas Bravas and Croquettes.

The sliders were deceivingly juicy and the rest of the food was delicious. We stayed chatting for a while and managed to order a couple more cocktails each. Laura is a really ambitious person with lots of exciting projects on the horizon. As I become even more busy, I find it’s so important to motivate yourself and surround yourself with people that motivate you too. Laura doesn’t own a TV so is constantly doing different things and it’s always fascinating to hear what her next adventure is. She has plans for New York very soon! 

It was so lovely to catch up, as it always is with friends. I just wish there were more hours in the day to see more people!