Arm Candy

We’re slowly coming into my favourite season of the year. 

I know I say that every season, but spring really is one of the best. The chance for new beginnings, fresh blossom, baby animals and bringing colour back into our outfits. 

When I was about thirteen, I bought a gingham halter neck top that was backless and pulled in under the bust. It gave me so much shape and I felt absolutely incredible in it. It’s definitely my earliest memory of feeling like a powerful young woman. Since then, gingham hasn’t really been around, until now. 

Zara have given me a complete throw back this season with an incredible array of gingham, in styles that my thirteen year old self could only dream of, and my twenty-two year old self almost screamed over in store. 

Needless to say, as soon as I saw this two-piece, it was mine. 

The outfit couldn’t work without a bit of Arm Candy, before I was ready for a stroll through Primrose Hill with my favourite

I really love the area of London we live in. I say it a lot, but it’s so beautiful and especially in Spring. My favourite thing to do on a sunny afternoon is walk through all the streets in Hampstead with The Gentleman deciding which house we’d like to live in and which cars we’d like to own. Of course, really it’s just lovely to spend time together wandering aimlessly through the streets enjoying each others company. 

My car of choice is a baby pink Nissan Figaro, to which I think this outfit looks pretty good alongside. Wouldn’t you agree?

Side note: Nissan, if you ever read this; I’d totally love to do a review on the Figaro to convince my partner that it can get us to and from Devon every time we need to drive down! 

Top – Zara | Trousers – Zara | Jacket –* | Shoes – Primark | Clutch – Miss Selfridge | Mani/Pedi – PRIV | Sunglasses – Rayban