Very Valentine’s

On Friday 13th, a gorgeous bunch of red roses were delivered to my desk in my office. I immediately rang The Gentleman, not to thank him, but to check they were indeed from him. 

You see, I have received flowers in the past and thanked him, only to be met with an accusational ‘I didn’t send you flowers!!’ 

It turns out that these roses were from him (aww) the flowers previously had been from a work friend, all above board – I don’t have any secret admirers! 

On Valentine’s Day this year, I was treated to a gorgeous dinner in a local restaurant; Artigiano. Followed by cocktails at XO – it was very romantic, but my camera didn’t come with me. I can’t take you guys everywhere!

I wore this lovely jumpsuit*, that I was very kindly given at an event earlier in the week. This is the best fitted jumpsuit I own. It has elasticated straps so that it clings (in a good way) and to ensure that the deep v of the neckline doesn’t reveal more than you want it to! 

I love the metallic detailing to the back, and am really annoyed with myself for not getting a shot of it, but you can see it in the professional photos from the website. Perfect for going out or for cocktails with the girls.

The jumpsuit was paired, simply, with my Folli Follie clutch* (currently 50% off!) and Kelly Brook for New Look Heels

To keep things romantic, I made sure I PRIV’d a manicure earlier in the week and went for Wildfire Shellac nails. To match, a slick of red lipstick and a monochrome effect on my eyes. 

Jumpsuit –* // Clutch – Folli Follie* // Heels – New Look // Manicure – PRIV

I felt a million dollars – my only problem was securing the jumpsuit after visiting the ladies. I managed it, but I very nearly had to awkwardly shuffle back to the table to ask my date to zip me up! 

What did you guys get up to for Valentine’s day? Did you stay in, or go out? Every Valentine’s day that I’ve had with The Gentleman, so far, has been completely different to the last. I’ve only blogged about one previously. I think it’s nice to sometimes keep things just between you and your loved one!