sketch is just one of those places that people will always flock to. 

The interior changes every-so-often to keep even the most social of socialites going back. Most recently, David Shrigley has transformed The Gallery into a pink paradise. Regardless of its size, it’s always tricky to get a booking at sketch. I have yet to sample the afternoon tea, but pre-transformation I had a wonderful dinner there and just last week, The Gentleman and I happened to walk past and decided to pop in for a spot of lunch!

There were no tables available when we walked in, but we were more than happy to be directed to the bar so we could have a cocktail while we waited.

The cocktail bar is through The Gallery, so you can drool over everyone’s afternoon tea – have I mentioned I really want to go back to sample the tea?!

We were alone in the bar with our cocktail master who produced exactly what we wanted;

Let’s talk about Passion – for me.

and an Old fashioned with a twist for him.

Both were delicious (we ladies must try our Gentleman’s drinks to ensure they are blog-worthy… obviously!)

Our table was ready after our drinks, mine was carried over on a tray by our waitress as she lead us and the bill was easily transferred to our table in the very front of the restaurant.

sketch is seriously cool. Every room is completely different, so you don’t quite know what you’re going to walk into.

The Parlour is no exception. The use of technology is consistent throughout. Using small iPads to highlight the artwork and sculptures in the room.

Before too long, the menus had arrived in front of us and within minutes we had settled on our choices.

The Black Croque for me – Squid Ink bread, mozzarella and basil oil, tomato and courgette. Honestly, one of the most incredible sandwiches I’ve had in my life. It wasn’t a beast of a sandwich, it was dainty and beautiful but absolutely packed with flavour!

The Gentleman also went for a sandwich. The sketch Club – equally beautiful. Serrano and Paris ham,  shrimp, Emmanthal, Thai Mayonnaise, Sweet & Sour Onions with Beetroot Jelly. Due to his fish allergy, he asked for it without the shrimp which wasn’t a problem for the chef.

His, again, was delicious. But, mine was definitely better!

Half way through our meal we topped up our cocktails. I went for a glass of champagne and The Gentleman asked for the same Old Fashioned Cocktail that he had in the bar.

The same gentleman that had made his cocktail previously, delivered the Old Fashioned to our table which was a really nice touch as Ben wasn’t convinced he would enjoy a different version made by someone else.

As the sandwiches were slightly on the smaller side, it only made sense that we sampled something a little sweeter for afters!

The Pear – sable pastry with caramelised almonds, poached pear and frangipane. Lovely, but would have been better with some custard! 

My Chocolate Tartlet – Manjari Chocolate Ganache, Nougatine and Chocolate jelly was seriously tasty and chocolatey but I couldn’t hep but think that neither puddings were especially good.

However I guess I’m just being exceptionally judgemental, due to the reputation sketch has for high standards.

Of course, if you’ve been to sketch, you’ll know that the real star attraction is a little more practical…

The toilets of course! 

sketch possibly is home to the best designed toilets I’ve ever pee’d in (TMI?)

Of course I’m sure I’ll be showing you the interior pink of The Gallery, whilst I sample the delights of the afternoon tea very soon!