Daily Face

It’s been requested a few times that I do a post on my daily makeup. I have to disappoint and say that I’m really boring with my makeup and have little knowledge. 

Side note – any tips are hugely welcome! 

I don’t usually use concealer, but I saw this in Primark (yes, I know, all MUA’s are shaking their heads at me now!) and really couldn’t resist. It’s just £1 for goodness sake!

I’ve had a few long days and late nights recently, so this has been a lifesaver and has a gorgeous texture and coverage. It may be a little heavy for most though.

I use it in a triangle shape under my eyes, taking the base of the triangle right down the side of my nose and connecting it to the corresponding point at the underside of the outside corner of my eye. I never fill this triangle, as at this point there’s already enough product to blend.

I dab a touch of the concealer on my eyelid and draw a thin line down my forehead and nose to highlight the area and reduce redness. I also put a small amount on my chin as I get slight redness there. 

I constantly change my foundation. It’s the base for your face and I personally feel like it is the most important part of your makeup. 

Usually I go for big brand foundations like Dior or Chanel. I’ve tried MAC and just hate it on my skin. I broke out quite badly and my skin looked horrendous when I used it – I haven’t tried since. 

At the moment I’m using this Clinique Superbalanced makeup in 02 Fair

It has a gorgeous coverage and can be as light or as heavy as you like depending on the coverage you require. Throughout the day, it slightly melts into my skin which would normally make my T-zone look greasy, but instead creates a lovely dewy effect.

When I use foundation, I put it straight onto my fingers and blend it into my skin pretty much all over my face to get complete coverage.

To finish my skin, I use this Clinique Almost Powder Makeup (SPF15) in 01 Fair. I don’t actually use the applicator it came with, and instead use a fat powder brush to lightly brush it all over the foundation.

I’ve been a really useless blogger and missed out a step. Normally I use a Topshop bronzer in Sandcastle at this point to (attempt to) highlight my cheekbones. It’s a glitter free matte powder which is perfect for defining, without being too much for the daytime.

Next comes mascara. I’ve used this L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, So Couture Mascara for the last few months and adore it. The brush is perfect to get the right amount of lift and curl on the lashes. I really can’t say any more than that – it’s just lovely! To apply this, I look down into a mirror and brush upwards from the root of the lash. I apply a couple of coats this way before applying product to the inside tips of my lashes then following up with another coat from the root upwards, to remove any clumps.

I always love to finish with a slick of lipstick. If your makeup hasn’t worked, or you’re not feeling your best, lipstick is the best lie to wear. It will tell the world that you’re pulled together and feeling great, even if you’ve had the worst morning going (or are suffering from a hangover…)

I’ve talked about this orange lipstick before, It’s L’Oreal Color Riche in Magnetic Coral (373) and the perfect shade for my hair colour and skin tone. If you’re blonde, I always think oranges with a silver/blueish tint (does that make any sense?!) look so lovely!

Finally, a spritz of perfume finishes off any look and will leave you feeling gorgeous and smelling lovely. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy for that lovely fruity smell and of course the beautiful bottle! I never spray this directly onto my skin, but onto my clothes and hair instead so it lasts longer. I also always avoid putting jewellery on until I’ve sprayed my perfume as it can damage your jewels!

So that’s it! Everything I use goes in to this;

Not terribly exciting, but I like to keep things looking natural – any heavy makeup just looks awful on me. Of course, I shake things up a bit for an evening look, but that’s for another day, another blog post!

Do you guys have regular products you go back to and a daily routine you use, or do you prefer to go completely bare faced day-to-day?!