The Meat Co

I could never be vegetarian/vegan. 

It’s a lovely idea, but I’m definitely a meat eater. Practically a carnivore. I don’t eat many carbs and if a meal doesn’t contain a form of meat, it’s not really a complete meal to me. 

When The Meat Co* invited us down to sample their menu, they couldn’t have picked a better person for the job. 

The Meat Co in Westfield, Shepherds Bush, shouts back to its African heritage with tribal masks, patterned textures and striking decor that makes each seating area in the huge space feel more intimate. 

Outside, a covered decking area filled with tables and chairs sits waiting patiently for summer to come. Heaters keep the few brave souls warm, that dare to sit in the cold winter weather. 

Every-so-often a volunteer would pop inside, to the warmth of the imposing bar to grab the round of cocktails, greeted by the incredibly friendly bar staff. 

We took our seats at the bar and ordered our cocktails. A Porn Star Martini for me, obviously. 

The drink itself was incredible, perfectly balanced and incredibly creamy with the crisp Cava shot to add a bit of a kick. My only problem with it was the glass it was served in. They so nearly had it, but it was the wrong glass!

The Gentleman went for a Capirinha – his only reservation was also the glass as he thought it should have been served long. Although, saying that, he preferred the short version as it packed more of a punch!

After our first drink, our table was ready. We shunned the lift option, to walk up the enormous staircase surrounding the 10.5m tall wall of New World Wines instead. Definitely the right choice. You get a better sense of sheer scale of the place this way, as it opens out into the vast dining area. 

A front of house member lead us from the stairs to our table, and past the open kitchen. I love an open kitchen and especially one in a meat house. It’s good to know your steak tastes good, but even better to know it’s being handled properly. 

Opposite the kitchen is a big raised table, perfect for parties or large groups. 

Milosh (probably not the right spelling at all for which I apologise!) our waiter for the evening, came over to introduce himself. An absolutely lovely guy who moved to the UK with his wife to study his Masters, in a ridiculously intellectual course to do with computers. He obviously loves his job and was visibly very good at it. 

Russel, who had helped us with the booking, gave his recommendations; the Kangaroo, the Rib-Eye Steak on the bone or the Pork Ribs. 

We paired these with Milosh’s recommendations and went with the Kangaroo to start and Wagyu Beef to follow. 

While we waited, The Gentleman ordered another cocktail; an apple, whiskey concoction. We also had some delicious Beef Jerky and mixed olives to snack on. 

We were salivating at the dishes going past us, so had high hopes for the Kangaroo. 

Since I’ve been old enough to order for myself, I’ve always asked for my meat blue (red meats obviously, white meats need to be cooked through!) That new rule where you have to have your burgers cooked through is ridiculous, and it ruins the flavour. I think some restaurants steer away from rare cooking due to fears of food poisoning and getting sued. I even heard a story of a fellow blogger who asked for the steak tartare at a restaurant recently, only to be asked how she wanted it cooked… seriously?! 

We had extremely high expectations for the food and the Chef wasn’t about to let us down. Milosh presented us with this;

A huge portion of premium Kangaroo steak in the most delicious gravy, served with Dauphinoise potatoes and sweet potato crisps. 

The steaks were incredible and had the texture of liver with a completely different taste. It was almost like duck in a way, but the cut was finer. Dare I say it, the best meat I’ve ever tasted?!

The dauphinoise, deliciously soft with the knife just sliding through the layers – in my opinion, the sweet potato chips weren’t needed. They would make a brilliant starter a little like Chotto Matte, but they were lost in this dish and didn’t add anything!

Between the Kangaroo and the Wagyu, we had a bit of a break and ordered another cocktail each. Peach Bellini for me and Old Fashioned Twist for him.

Then the mother load arrived;

The piece of meat was half the size of my Mac Book, with a depth of a stack of 100 business cards – it was huge. Perfectly seared and scorched on the outside, with the inside untouched and raw. It was heavenly. Obviously not one for anyone that likes their meat thoroughly charred though! 

The chips by the way, were just as good as they look! The dish is charged at market price, so varies from day to day. We went for the medium sized steak at about £65.

After all that meat, we couldn’t help but sneak a little pudding in. On Milosh’s recommendation, we went for the Chef’s Tasting Platter;

A Gluten Free option – Sponge, coconut and raspberry sauce with ice-cream. 

Chocolate Fondant – wow. 

Ice-cream sundae.


Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Passion Fruit Ice-cream. 

All of this, for just £14.50. Which is just ridiculous. The portion sizes were all generous so it’s a lot for your money! Also, while we were eating a girl was celebrating her birthday and the staff got together to sing Happy Birthday, while presenting her with a complimentary platter and a sparkler, which I thought was a lovely touch!

Our meal was just incredible. I couldn’t fault anything to be honest from the service, to those incredible (huge) slabs of meat. Perfection. 

I would definitely recommend The Meat Co for any occasion, all meat lovers need to visit and sample the delicacies they have on offer. Seriously. 

Disclosure – Our meal was complimentary for the purpose of review. However all thoughts, photos and opinions are all my own and are honest and fair.