Laduree Afternoons

It sounds bizarre, but although I spent every day of the Christmas holidays with The Gentleman, it felt like we’d had no quality time together. 

I guess when you’re with your families, you’re concentrating on everyone else rather than your relationship. I missed him.  

We decided to rectify that situation…

With Macarons!

Laduree is always a reliable source of the sweet little treat, and since we were in Covent Garden anyway, it seemed rude not to hop up onto the roof for our fix. 

Although the macaron has been around for years and can be found in many different bakeries and pastry houses, my first macaron was at Laduree in Paris and they still continue to be my favourite. 

The interior is decorated in the immediately recognisable duck egg green, with gold flourishes and splashes of baby pink. 

We placed our orders.

The table was set.

And we were ready for our treats!

Before we go any further, I need to clear something up. A Macaron is what they serve as that mini little 5cm (ish) treat – what we’re talking about today. A Macaroon is a bigger treat, normally made from ground almonds or coconut like THIS.

Silver teapots, cups and our plate of treats were placed on the table in a flurry of politeness from the waitress.

Our Macarons of choice were the Caramel, Vanilla Rum and Pistachio for him. Chocolate, Caramel and Raspberry for me.

It was the perfect way to reconnect after a long holiday. We talked about the future, our goals this year, new jobs, getting a puppy and other long-term exciting things! I think this year really is going to be the best yet.

Do you ever feel as though you need to reconnect with your partner? What are your favourite activities to do together?