Khaki Sequins

On a daily basis, I empty my entire wardrobe onto the floor, before throwing myself onto the huge pile in a fit of hysterics declaring that I have nothing to wear. 

This particular day, we had planned to shoot some outfits on location. More specifically, for The Gentleman’s giveaway. I was struggling to think of an outfit that I hadn’t worn or hadn’t shot recently, before remembering this little bargain jacket from the Christmas sales.  

You may remember the jumper dress from this post. I’m absolutely loving this style at the moment, as I mentioned in my last outfit shoot. But seriously. When it’s ok to wear an oversized jumper as an actual ‘fashion’ item, I’m so game. 

Trust me, I don’t actually have thigh gap, it’s these boots – I swear they’re magic! If anyone asks though, I work out every day *nods vigorously* 

All of these are shot with my new 50mm lens which I am absolutely loving. For the last two weeks, we’ve been trying our best to keep a steady hand taking photos, to keep them in focus. So, you can imagine the giggles halfway through the shoot, when I discovered the lens actually has an autofocus function. 

The Gentleman declared – Oh yeah, the guy in the shop told me it was autofocus. 

Does anyone else hold their hands to the sky in moments like this? Haha. 

The location is actually one of my favourites in London, we stumbled across it quite by chance after deciding to go for a walk one day. It’s never busy, but if you’re visiting London, I’d recommend to go because it’s just lovely! 

The Italian Gardens in Hyde Park consist of four main basin fountains carved from Marble. These surround a central fountain and are surrounded themselves by urns, covered in intricate carvings. You could spend hours here, watching the swans dancing, ducks waddling and seagulls eyeing up children’s sandwiches. 

I’ve made another New Years Bloggerution to myself, to shoot more outfit posts this year. I’ve always loved fashion, but it’s not been at the forefront of what I do. This year, that all changes as I start a new job in Feb, doing Social Media for a company where looking your best counts. I don’t want to become vain and self obsessed, but I do want to make more time for myself and look my best

Jacket – River Island // Jumper dress – H&M // Leggings – Topshop // Boots – New Look

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