Withings Pulse Ox

Recently, I was invited by Joe Blogs network on a stroll through Mayfair testing out some of the latest in sports technology (or SmartTech) courtesy of Currys

I was given a Withings Pulse Ox* to track my pulse, steps and heart rate throughout the day. Although, to be honest I just wanted to see how far I would walk! 

We all met in Green Park in the morning and were handed our gadgets. I had initial problems setting mine up as it requires your weight and height for exact measures. Unfortunately I know neither my weight or my height (#ShortPeopleProblems) so struggled to get it all ready. 

Eventually once it was all set up, because of the bluetooth being on, as well as my wifi, my battery drained really quickly. I managed to keep it going for the walk though, just about. Does anyone else have serious problems with their iPhone? Mine dies three times a day! 

Although I work in Mayfair and think I know it really well, the tour provided me an insight into some places that I’d never visited before or heard of. 

One of those places was Hatchards book store – it’s been around since the 1700’s and I’ve never set foot in it before that walk. Can you believe it?! Such a gorgeous book store, it regularly hosts signings and stocks some of the most difficult to source books. 

James J Fox was next on the walk, nestled in the heart of Mayfair for over 225 years, if walls could talk, this cigar shop would tell exceptional stories. The leather chair is well known to have been a comfortable chair of choice for Winston Churchill, who regularly frequented the shop and enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere with his favourite cigars. This shop is a rarity in that it’s exempt from the smoking ban for the sole purpose that clients like to taste the cigars before they purchase, therefore there is a special smoking room upstairs where this is possible. 

I may have purchased some special cigars for my Dad for Christmas as he enjoys his cigar and whiskey in the evenings! 

The last stop on my tour (I had to rush off for a lovely dinner in the evening) was the fabulous Berry Bros. & Rudd which was the oldest shop on our tour. It’s been open since 1698. The floor dips in the centre. A heavy smell of old wines penetrates all your senses and some peculiar scales rest in the middle of the room with a constant guard over them. 

It turns out that in the past, nobody owned scales, so women of wealth would come into the store and be weighed (extremely publically) on these scales. Not sure I would agree to it now, but I can see how it worked!

Before we wrapped up our tour here, we sampled a little of The Kings Ginger (admittedly, not really to my taste) before I had to leave the group in the beautiful little courtyard behind Berry Bros.

So, onto the tech. The Withings Pulse (RRP – £99.99) is a little gadget with two parts. A black wristband and the screen/smart box that holds all the gadgetry.

I have to admit, on removing it from the box, I did think it looked remarkably like a Prison tag – I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on your ankle!

The gadget links to your phone via Bluetooth, and is synced easily through pressing the button on it for three seconds, with the app switched on on your phone.

I haven’t really had a chance to properly test out the gadget, but I wore it around the house on Sunday whilst The Gentleman and I had a chilled one (which may or may not have been down to the hangovers we were both experiencing).

Our flat is really really small, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn I walked 350 steps between 3pm and 5pm!

I do think nearly £100 is a little much for this, as there are a limited number of uses for it. But it is fun to use, and I will definitely be putting it to even more use in the New Year, as I try and stick to my resolution to lose a bit of weight!

In the mean time, let me leave you with this fun infographic, to help you burn calories without the exercise, this Christmas! Go on, have another potato!