The Search for a rising star with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and Rankin have joined forces, in search for the UK’s next rising star. 

They’ve jumped on 2014’s biggest trend for selfies and have created an incredible gold photobooth to encourage members of the public to pull their best poses, and share them on social media. 

I would never pass up on an evening of selfie taking and cocktail drinking with the girls, so it was inevitable that I found myself in M Restaurant, courtesy of Laura, raring to go!

Of course I was late (please people, tell me a time that’s 15 mins before the actual time, so I have a chance!) and the girls were all settled with their cocktails when I arrived.

I ducked into the photobooth with Laura and we practiced our best model faces.

‘Practice’ being the correct adjective to use – to be honest I’d be shocked if Rankin didn’t pick us himself immediately to be the new face of Johnnie Walker.

Because, if you do have the perfect pout, you could be chosen to be the next big star by Rankin and Johnnie Walker, starring in their campaign for 2015 along with a photo shoot with the photography legend himself.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is pop into a photo booth (currently in M restaurant until 1.1.15) pose for the camera (warning – you will be blinded by the brightness) and upload your image to Instagram with the hashtag #GoldCelebration. For all the T’s&C’s, hop on over to the Johnnie Walker website.

With all that posing, I was starting to get a bit thirsty. Along with the photo booth, barmen were on hand to deliver us the most exquisite Johnnie Walker Christmassy cocktail creations.

L-R Helen, Mel, Laura and Catherine

I have to say, I’m not usually a whiskey drinker, but the cocktails were fabulous – if incredibly strong. I seemed to get the potent ones somehow!

With a bit more dutch courage behind us, we braved the photo booth once more. Attempting (unsuccessfully) to fit all five of us in the booth.

Did you catch my devil eye on the fourth image in the selection?

No? Scroll back up – I’m watching you!

Photos of me courtesy of Laura!

We were very kindly supplied with some yummy nibbles and some more drinks, while we chatted away about what everyone had been up to.

Catherine told us all about the amazing parties she’s been invited to this festive season.

Mel explained some of the exciting projects she’s got on the go at the moment.

Helen described the trials and tribulations of having her boyfriend so far away in the jungle (the drinks were a while ago!).

And Laura gave us food envy with all the amazing restaurants she’s visited recently.

There were a few girls missing from the usual pack, but we’ll definitely all be having a catch up again in the New Year – it’s just so hard to find dates where everyone is free at the same time!

After a while, Catherine and Mel filtered off, so Laura, Helen and I were left. Of course we grabbed our last few pictures for the road, before popping upstairs for a last drink together. I won’t relay our conversation (us bloggers don’t share everything, contrary to popular belief) but I will tell you that the conversations are always incredibly juicy!

These girls are too fabulous.